Cat Returns Home After 10 Years

LynxLynx, a tabby cat, disappeared from her home in 1997. Her owner thought that she would never see her again.

Last week, after 10 years, this now 12-year-old cat was picked up by an animal center and her microchip was scanned and the center was able to locate Lynx’s owner who lived 60 miles away.

Her owner was completely surprised and happy that Lynx was found after 10 years of being missing and she just wishes that Lynx could talk because she sure would have some stories to tell.

A representative for the animal center said that: “I still can’t believe we were able to reunite her with her owner after such a long time - it goes to show how important microchipping is.”

Welcome home Lynx.

Source: BBC News

(Thanks Jacky)

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