Cat Sneaks Onto Flight In Owner’s Suitcase

Gracie Mae

Gracie Mae was probably itching to go on a trip.

This ten-month-old tabby went missing from her Fort Lauderdale home, and she was later found in her owner’s suitcase in Dallas.

Unaware that Gracie Mae snuck into his suitcase, Seth Levy went on a trip from Fort Lauderdale to Dallas-Fort Worth thinking that his cat was safe at home with his wife.

Meanwhile at home, Kelly Levy was looking everywhere for Gracie Mae, who still had stitched from being spayed a few days earlier. She checked the crawl space and started to tear the house apart to find Gracie Mae.

Kelly called her father and he used a hammer to take out two bathroom tiles and part of the bathroom cabinet to make the crawl space bigger. But still no Gracie Mae. They wandered around the neighborhood trying to find the cat.

Back in Dallas, Seth could not find his black suitcase at baggage claim.

The next morning, Kelly was just about to put up lost cat signs around the neighborhood when she received a phone call.

The man on the other line said, “Hi, you’re not going to believe this, but I am calling from Fort Worth, Texas, and I accidentally picked up your husband’s luggage. And when I opened the luggage, a cat jumped out.”

The unidentified man agreed to keep Gracie Mae until Seth could pick her up. He even bought a pet taxi for Gracie Mae for her flight home.

Kelly said, “My poor cat, who just had surgery, survives being packed away in the suitcase, going through the Fort Lauderdale baggage process, going through the X-ray, being loaded onto the airplane, flown four hours to Texas and unloaded.”

Gracie Mae returned back to Fort Lauderdale safely on an $80 plane ticket.

Source: Sun-Sentinel

9 Responses to “Cat Sneaks Onto Flight In Owner’s Suitcase”

  1. Nora and Rufus says:

    GRACIE MAE, you little vixen!!!!! What a crazy little kitty….she survived a wild ride. Lucky for her that her pet parents really love her. This is such a nice story and the gentelman who found her is a Saint.

  2. The Lioness says:

    That is one lucky cat! So many things could have gone wrong.
    Thank goodness they didn’t and that Gracie Mae is safe back at home.

    Wow. I would have been beside myself!

    ~The Lioness

  3. Nancy G. says:

    Soooo, nobody at the Xray machine noticed a cat “skeleton” in there? Now THAT’S scary.

  4. Nancy VB says:

    Good point Nancy G.
    Thank goodness Gracie is okay, the way they throw luggage around, it’s a miracle! I love happy endings.

  5. Jackie says:

    I wonder how she was able to breathe being in that suitcase, probably under other suitcases!! She is such a lucky kitty!

  6. Velvet's Dad says:

    Yes, that is one lucky kitty. Re the baggage scan, it just goes to show how “alert” some of these airport workers are. Truth is less than 50% of baggage is actually scanned. Yet, they frisk little old ladies. Insanity.

  7. Donna says:

    I am happy Gracie is home. Frisking little old ladies, with open borders makes no sense. I refuse to fly until real security happens. Seal the borders. Little old ladies deserve respect. The criminals crossing our open borders are a security threat. Any one ever heard of terrorists ? Open borders are the place to cross into this nation with no regards to american safety. Welcome home Gracie !

  8. pheephee35 says:

    I am so glad Gracie is safe, and that she got such a nice person to take care of her.

    Well, they do give “little old ladies” such attention! In Salt Lake a couple of years ago, I made the mistake of asking when the priority boarding was starting because the minute they announced they would begin boarding soon, everyone jumped up and filled the area near the entry.

    Well, I asked the wrong person.

    The guy took me over to the side, scanned me with his little wand (never mind I had already passed their security before coming to the gate), and when I said be careful where you move that thing (between the legs), he made me take off my orthopedic shoes (this was before they made everyone do this), and told me to stand there, I had sat down as I am not to stand or walk barefoot at all, and he took his sweet time about it all. By the time I got on the flight, it was nearly full. So much for prority seating for the lady brought to the gate in a wheelchair!!!

  9. The Scratching Post Vandal says:

    I’m always amazed when I read these types of traveling cat stories how tenacious they can be. Glad it all turned out OK.

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