Cat Survives 19 Days With Jar On Head

Wild Oats

Wild Oats must love peanut butter.

This feral cat survived 19 days with a peanut butter jar stuck on her head.

The Cain family, who feeds Wild Oats, tried to get her to rescue her from the jar, but the cat kept on running away from them and hiding. Wild Oats disappeared for a week, and the family was worried about the cat’s safety.

Eventually, Wild Oats was caught with a fishing net, and the family used some oil to get the jar off of her head. She has been treated for her wounds and has begun to eat and drink again.

“I’ve heard of cats having nine lives but I think this one has 19 because she survived 19 days,” Doretha Cain said.

The vet said that Wild Oats may have survived because she had some excess fat, but Cain thinks it is because, “God will take care of animals just like people because that cat is really a miracle.”

The Cain family is thinking about renaming Wild Oats “Survivor” instead.

Source: WSMV

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11 Responses to “Cat Survives 19 Days With Jar On Head”

  1. Pam says:

    This is a lucky kitty and it’s another reason to recycle, so discarded jars do not become an instrument of death for hungry animals. The least we can do is destroy the jar (plastic or glass) or put the lid on so an animal cannot get its head stuck in it.

    I read some time ago about animals getting Yoplait yogurt containers stuck on their heads. In fact, it was such a problem that Yoplait was asked to change the design, but refused. I refuse to buy Yoplait.

  2. Bridgett says:

    I am so glad that family was persistent in trying to catch this kitty! This kitty’s new name is Lucky.

  3. chris says:

    Wild Oats may not be feral anymore thanks to the family who cared and saved her.

  4. trudyjackson says:

    Another example of why people should not litter. you never know what an animal can get into.
    I’m so happy this turned out good.

  5. Amanda says:

    We rescued a cat in May. We named him Cosmo. We hadn’t seen him before but we started seeing this cat with a very big and infected wound on his rump. Soon after we saw him again still with the wound but this time had a walmart shopping bag wrapped around his midsection!

    We bought a trap and got him to the vet. Cosmo is now a big cuddly cat and all healed up from the wound. We figured there was food in the bag and he was trying to get to it and ended with the bag stuck on him. I worry for all the strays that we don’t find that are in the same condition!!

  6. MaineMom says:

    Thanks to Itchmo posters my soemetimes dubious faith in humans is restored with stories like this! Those of us who care about animals are not alone - but you’d never know it if it weren’t for sites like this and petconnection, etc.

    Many thanks to people like the Cains and Amanda who don’t ignore the plight of an animal caught in a thoughless man-made death trap or abandoned. I will never cease to be amazed at the love and devotion these abused animals give to their rescuers.

    Just today, a woman rushed up and hugged me. She hadn’t seen me in two years, but she remembered her desparation two years ago Christmas when she took in a stray cat with medical problems. Upon hearing her story, I volunteered to pay some of her vet bill and arranged with a rescue to also help. The cat has a loving home now and I got the greatest reward possible today!

  7. Rose says:

    Good to see people who have a kindness for animals.

  8. Donna says:

    Kind and compassionate people for animals.Restores ,what little faith I have in humans as a species that has a “right” to be on planet earth. For the caring people who make a difference in the lives of many unfortunate animals.I wish you only the best and admire the compassion you display.Holiday blessings for all that care and love animals.

  9. Merlin Marshall says:

    The cat is very lucky the family took the time to catch and help her. Hopefully they also had her spayed so she won’t be churning out kittens.

  10. Amanda says:

    Thanks MaineMom. Right now I have the trap set out to try and catch the black stray cat(named him Bagheera) who has lived under our house for a couple of months. We feed and water him and this morning when I went to put his morning meal out I saw his face. He has a huge wound with a flap of skin hanging off the side.

    So now he is going to be off to the vet once he goes in the trap(keep fingers crossed he does) and I will get him snipped, vaccinated, dewormed and defleaed and everything else that needs to be done.

  11. mimi says:

    it’s so nice to hear these wonderful stories. i have 13 strays and ferals in my garage right now, they have been wandering our backyard for 2 years so last year i decided to convert my garage for them to live in. almost all of them are vaccinated and fixed except 2 really hard to trap girls, i will have to borrow a drop trap in spring so i can take them to the vet.

    originally i had 25 cats but 12 got adopted to loving families, there was one very tame 7 year old black cat came to our garage in april and had a very bad eye infection, the vet tried treating him with eye drops for 2 weeks but it didn’t help so we took him to the specialist to have one of his eyes removed as the pressure of that eye was so high it was hurting him. we were very lucky that he was adopted to and elderly lady a month after the surgery.

    my family and friends think i am crazy spending so much time and money on them, they think i should just call animal control to have them removed.

    seeing them going to good homes is the best reward….

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