Cat Survives 6 Hour, 300 Mile Trip On Bottom Of Car

This kitten definitely had a crazy ride and survived to tell about it.

Jersey, a six-week-old calico kitten, traveled from Jackson, New Jersey to Kingston, New York on the bottom of a car.

Her adventure started at a camping grounds in New Jersey. As a couple was packing up to leave, they heard a cat meowing but didn’t think anything of it.

They drove a few hours and stopped for breakfast, and again they heard a cat meowing. The couple pulled into a store and by chance, they parked next to a car with a dog inside.

The dog began to bark in the car, and Jersey started screaming, and the couple definitely knew a cat was in the car.

The couple and employees at the store crawled under the car and looked all around. One man finally spotted the kitten underneath the spare tire, which was on the underside of the car.

An animal control officer came to the scene and at first, she wasn’t sure if they needed her or a mechanic because she didn’t seen an animal. When she finally approached the car, all she could see was an ear above the tire.

She used a borrowed pair of motorcycle gloves, and she was finally able to reach up and pull the kitten out.

The kitten was amazingly uninjured from traveling underneath a car that was going 70 to 80 mph for a six hour, 300 mile journey.

No one has claimed Jersey and authorities think that she is most likely a stray. She will be put up for adoption and will definitely stay away from all kinds of vehicles.

Source: Eagle Tribune

3 Responses to “Cat Survives 6 Hour, 300 Mile Trip On Bottom Of Car”

  1. Amanda says:

    Awwww I would love to take this little kitten. Poor thing is probably traumatized!!!

  2. Sharon says:

    I don’t understand why people proceed to drive after hearing a cat underneath the car. This world is full of idiots.

  3. nora says:

    Poor little Jersey. She needs someone to love and protect her forever.

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