Cat Survives After Being Left In A Hot Car

Cat in car

With the weather getting hotter, pets being left in cars is of the utmost concern. When it is 85 degrees out, the temperature inside a car, even with the windows left slightly open, can soar to 102 degrees in 10 minutes, and can reach 120 in just half an hour. A Stanford University test found that even if it is 72 degrees, the temperature can increase to 116 degrees in one hour even with the windows cracked open.

In California, it is unlawful to leave a companion animal unattended in a motor vehicle under conditions that could endanger the animal’s health.

Hundreds of animals are unintentionally killed or injured each year when they have been left in hot cars. One cat in Wisconsin fortunately survived when he was left in a hot car in a hospital parking lot. A hospital employee saw a cat panting heavily and sitting underneath the passenger seat. Police came and tried to tap on the window to get the cat respond. They opened the car door and removed the weak cat. A local humane society is caring for the cat and said the cat is much better after drinking some water and cooling off. The shelter manager said that if no one had seen the cat and helped, he probably would have died from the intense heat. The police department has not been able to get in touch with the cat’s owner.

14 Responses to “Cat Survives After Being Left In A Hot Car”

  1. straybaby says:

    just so everyone knows, even if your state doesn’t have laws against leaving pets in cars, it more than likely would fall under the general anti-cruelty law. Check with your local A.C. to find out what the guidelines are in your area and what to do if you see a pet that needs rescuing.

    In NYC, I call the cops in cases that need immediate help as they can get there faster than the ASPCA officers. I do have freinds that have called the ASPCA for concerns in the winter and they did receive timely assistance and feed back. Use your gut instinct :)

  2. Steve says:

    Watch, the SPACE CASE owners who did this will probably. . . . DO IT AGAIN.

  3. furmom says:

    The only law adequate for these cases would be automatically to put the owner in the same situation as the pet…..Maybe fish them out of a hot car just before they pass out. Then repeat once more to be sure they get the message.

  4. Captn' Carl says:


    I like your idea. Perfect!

  5. Roberto P. says:

    Last summer a dog in my town died from being closed in a car. The judge sentenced the jerk to a huge fine, 6 months in jail, and sitting in a hot car for 2 hours. Luckily the Court of Appeals said it wasn’t cruel and unusual because the doc said as long as he had a water bottle it wouldn’t hurt him. So the perp sat in a hot car for 2 hours. And went to jail. And paid a fine. Kudos to the judge!

  6. Amy says:

    Roberto - I like that judge!

    On a happier note, the kitty in the picture looks like an exact long-haired version of my girl Stefi. So pretty!

  7. mittens says:

    people have been known to do the same to their small children. if we can’t expect any better treatment of humans, how can we expect animals to fair any better? the more i see of human behavior the more time i spend with my cats.

    i had a girl like the one in the pic too. a persian tortie. she was a doll- the sweetest cat ever.

  8. Sky Eyes Woman says:

    Woe unto the person who does this where I can see it. I keep an aluminum bat in my car at all times. I WILL break your window to get a pet out of your hot car, I WILL call the police and I WILL whack you with the aforementioned alminum bat if you scream at me for breaking your window. You WILL deserve a home-run swing upside the head for being so stupid.

  9. Donna says:

    Bravo Sky Eyes women !

  10. Gerry says:

    I saw a little dog in a car last summer with all the windows rolled up parked right in front of a local bar. I went around the corner to the police station and told the police. I had to go back twice before the policeman would follow me to the car. FINALLY we found out who owned the dog and the owner got to the dog before it died. I know the dog was getting close to the end. It made me so mad. The policeman didnt give a rip and I dont think he would of checked it out if I hadnt gone back. You quessed it.. the owner was in the bar getting hammered while her poor dog was suffering in a hot car.

  11. Amy says:

    Sky Eyes Woman - I’m glad you’re on our side!

  12. Helen says:

    I would have added that the person needed to wear a warm winter parka while sitting in the hot car.

  13. Bill says:

    I once heard of a thermometer that you could put in your car, and then it would call your cell phone if it got up to a certain temperature. I think they said you could get one at a RV supply place but I could find anything right off. Anyone ever heard, or tried, one of these?

  14. Lisa Clay says:

    We had a case years ago in NJ, of a mother who left their child in a hot car.

    There is no punishment severe enough for anyone in any state that does this to a pet or a human.

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