Cat Survives Fire By Hiding In Couch

A New Jersey cat is lucky to be alive. This cat survived a house fire by hiding inside a couch.

Firefighters thought the cat had initially perished in the fire. The tenant said that one of her cats was still inside the house.

By the time the firefighters were able to extinguish the flames, it had been thirty minutes. No one expected that the cat would have made it through the fire.

But after putting out the flames and inspecting the damage in the house, firefighters found the cat wedged inside the couch. The cat was scared but alert.

The firefighters were extremely surprised to find the cat alive and well. They said the cat should be renamed Lucky for surviving the fire.

No one was injured in the fire, and the cat’s owner was extremely happy to have the cat back.


One Response to “Cat Survives Fire By Hiding In Couch”

  1. Asia says:

    Wow what a great story sorry about the fire but this is one lucky kitty.

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