Cat Survives Fire By Hiding In Wall

One cat used his animal instinct to survive a fire.

An adult cat crawled into a 1.5 inch opening in a wall to escape a fire on Christmas Eve. He was found alive and well on Christmas Day.

The cat squeezed into the opening for a door that slid into the wall between two rooms. The door had been removed earlier.

The fire started on Christmas Eve night, and the cat’s owners and firefighters searched all over for the cat but didn’t find him until the Christmas afternoon.

Firefighters used a pole with a loop at the end to lure the cat out of the hole. The cat was only about 15 feet from most of the fire damage.

“It’s amazing that an animal can shrink down and do what it has to do to get into a small opening,” Battalion Chief Ken Cayemberg said.

Source: Post Crescent

5 Responses to “Cat Survives Fire By Hiding In Wall”

  1. Nancy G. says:

    I recall after one of the California fires a few years ago they found cats hiding in all sorts of places, and surviving, like up in a chimney. They do seem to have an uncanny ability to preserve those “nine lives.”

  2. Alison says:

    Bless that kitty’s heart! What a happy ending to a sad story.

  3. trudyjackson says:

    Bless his heart. It’s a Christmas miracle.
    Smart cat.

  4. Donna says:

    You can lose many things. When you lose a pet a piece of your soul dies. I am joyful for the life of the cat. Life is special, love them with all your heart and souls. they are only with us for a little while.

  5. mittens says:

    my mother’s cats survived a fairly bad house fire. i dont think they found them until a few days later but they smelled of smoke so they apparently just hid it out- fire, firemen, water, axes tearing the roof off. i on the other hand managed to get all my 6 cats out of my apartment when there was a very minor but very smokey fire in my building( with all the alarms and sirens they hid under the sofa which i picked up and threw across the room in order to get them) and i was oh so proud of myself until we were let back in and i had left my roommate asleep in her bedroom through all of it….i think i assumed she was at work but still…

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