Cat Survives Month Trapped Under Floorboards

MacMac is lucky to have nine lives.

This four-year-old black cat went missing on August 17 during a fireworks celebration.

His owner, Sara Icer, frantically searched for her cat and passed out fliers to all of her neighbors and asked them to check their yards, sheds, and anywhere else they could think of. But unfortunately, Mac was nowhere to be found.

She said that the cat probably got frightened during the fireworks.

A month later, Icer thought that her cat was gone for good. But a neighbor called her just this past weekend to let her know that they were hearing strange scratching sounds from underneath the floorboards. They suspected that Mac may be under the floor.

The neighbors had been gone, and the floorboards and the carpet were replaced in their house on the night that Mac went missing. The boards were taken up and put down again without anyone noticing Mac had crawled underneath the floor.

Icer said: “My neighbors had to rip up the carpet and the new floor to find him. I offered to pay for it, but they wouldn’t accept any money. They have got a cat themselves, so I think they understand.”

When Mac was finally retrieved, he had lost a lot of weight, his fur was matted, and his claws were black from trying to escape. But Icer said that she took him to a veterinarian and he checked out fine except for a bit of dehydration.

The veterinarian said that Mac probably survived by drinking condensation and eating a few spiders.

Source: Northampton Chronicle

3 Responses to “Cat Survives Month Trapped Under Floorboards”

  1. Amanda says:

    Poor kitty!!! I’m glad hes ok!!

  2. lammer29 says:

    Thanks to the neighbor, both for the rescue and for what they did to get to the poor cat! I am glad it ended well!

  3. jabes says:

    Lucky cat. Did the owner know there were going to be fireworks that night? It sounds like she left her cat outside, which is just not cool if she knew there would be fireworks. One 4th of July, we came home from a fireworks show to find a dog huddled under one of the chairs on our porch. He had jumped the fence and run, limping, almost a mile to our house from his own house, which was only a block or two away from where the fireworks were being set off.

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