Cat Survives Ride In Car Engine And Fall Onto Freeway

CatAn eight-year-old male cat that was stuck in a car engine, fell out onto a busy freeway in Phoenix and survived.

The cat was rescued by a Good Samaritan who saw the cat fall out of the car engine compartment and took the cat to an animal hospital.

An examination by a veterinarian showed that the cat suffered bumps, bruises and burns. A spokesperson for the Arizona Humane Society said the injuries were consistent with those of an animal that was trapped in a car engine.

The Arizona Humane Society said the cat should recover fully. The cat is friendly and will be put up for adoption if he is not claimed.

Source: KPHO

10 Responses to “Cat Survives Ride In Car Engine And Fall Onto Freeway”

  1. Sharon says:

    I grew up in a cold part of the country where it was common for cats and kittens to crawl up under a car for warmth. My mom accidently killed a stray kitten she had been feeding one day when she went to work because it was up in her engine. We were too poor for a garage. It broke her heart. I hope this kitty finds a good home.

  2. Nora and Rufus says:

    Looks like poor kitty had a rough time of it even possibly before this incident. Hope someone adopts him and loves him up like he deserves. He looks like a very mellow fellow.

  3. Amanda says:

    So glad someone saw him fall onto the road and got him before he got hit!!! I would take this kitty in a heart beat :)

  4. Jenny Bark says:

    We got our Kitty 11years ago around Christmas because she kept getting inside my jeep to get warm. I was so afraid that I would start the jeep with her hidden in it. She was a feral & had had a litter (vet guessed a year old). I made a bed outside but she didn’t want it. My dogs hated her & she hated my dogs. In she came & after a few months of pure he!! she is the greatest most wonderful & the most perfect cat in the world. The old dogs & now the new ones & Kitty all love each other. She is black & white too. I pray this cat finds a home and it is filled with love.

  5. mittens says:

    yeah in colder places it’s real common for cats outside to crawl up into engine blocks-this happened to one of my cats( in the country at my mom’s) but he survived with some broken bones.

    last winter i started smelling something off inside my car while the heater was on- i popped the hood to find a giant rat roasting on the side of radiator. i love living in the city. better a rat then a cat though.

  6. Pam says:

    Yikes!! This cat is four-paw declawed. It’s pretty disgusting that he was allowed outside in the first place. I hope he finds a safe inside-only home.

  7. Trudy Jackson says:

    Oh, poor little kitty. I hope He finds a great forever home[inside].
    Yes, when I lived up North it’s happened to Me. i’ll never forget it.

  8. 5CatMom says:

    The poor guy. Hope he finds a wonderful home where he’ll get the care and love he deserves.

  9. lisa says:

    a mother cat and her kittens live below my stairs and when i went to leave for work today my boyfriend noticed the mama and 2 of her babies under my car the mama ran and her kittens crawled under my car we got one out and i went inside my apt to call work i was already late so when i went to leave i thought the other one was out as well bec we didnt see or hear anything as i was about to get on the freeway i was looking in my side mirror and saw the baby fall out and the car behind me swerved to avoid hitting the poor kitten i started crying all the way to work ive felt horrible all day and when i got home the mama was looking for her baby and has been meowing all night

  10. Tony says:

    I just had a baby kitten crawl into the engine compartment of my pick-up. I called animal control and they didnt think it was an emergency so they didnt come to the scene. Then i called the cops and 3 police officers showed up but none of them wanted anything to do with the cat. The kitten crawled into a hole between the body, transmission and exhaust and got stuck and couldnt move. I had to push it back with a broom stick and it finally found a hole to escape from and ran away so quick i couldnt retrieve it for the human society. I sure wish it the best of luck, and i think its sad that animal control didnt want to do their job because it was at 10:00 at night and they were off duty unless an animal emergency. Me, im a dog lover and not a big fan of cats, but im not a pet killer so i tried my best to keep it alive and try to find it a home. Unfortunatly, it didnt want my help.

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