Cat Survives Seven Weeks Under Floorboards

LucyLucy the cat is a true survivor. When Lucy’s family was moving out of their house and packed everything up, they left Lucy in the house for one night while they stayed at a nearby hotel. The next morning when they came back to get Lucy, she could not be found. Heartbroken, the family could not find Lucy anywhere and had to stop their search to catch a plane to their new home. The family thought that Lucy had run away and asked friends and neighbors to continue looking for Lucy.

When the new owners of the house moved in, they heard a cat meowing and discovered Lucy living under the floorboards. Lucy was severely dehydrated and when the new owners brought her to the vet, the vet said that she was “verging on the point of death.” Lucy most likely survived by licking water condensation from underwater piping. Lucy has now been nursed back to health and has been reunited with her family.

8 Responses to “Cat Survives Seven Weeks Under Floorboards”

  1. k8e says:

    Once when I was in college, I was moving to new place, I planned to leave my cat behind in the old place for a couple of days with my roommates until my new place was ready, thinking it would be less upsetting for her than being in a strange hotel room. But as I was bringing out the very last box of stuff to my car, I couldn’t believe it, my cat, who hated to ride in the car, had hopped in the back, as if to say “don’t forget me!” It tore my heart! I took her to the hotel with me (turns out the hotel allowed cats but I would have sneaked her in if I had to at that point).

    From then on I understood that cats are much more attached to their human than to their “place” and of course they experience anxiety - they’re going to think they’ve been abandoned if left behind in an emptied house.

  2. doug says:

    Hmm, there are many planes to catch there was only one Lucy.

  3. amys says:

    my cat escaped in the kennel once and the kennel owners didn’t call me. i only found out because i sent my boyfriend there to pick her up a couple of days early. apparently, she stuck her foot through the cage bars, opened the latch, and got out. they thought that she’d climbed shelves and gotten into the ceiling through a hole, but it turns out that she’d wedged herself behind one of the bathing stations and hidden there, silent, for four days. they even set out live traps for her with no luck. i guess she finally came out because she got hungry. lucky them - i was about to make them take their ceiling apart to look for her.

    since then, i always hire a pet sitter to come over. i’m sure kennels have my face plastered on the walls: “do not take this woman’s cat.” i don’t know what they else could’ve expected, putting her in a cage across from a little yappy dog!

  4. Abby Kelleyite says:

    I’ve been reading so much bad news lately that I found this very heartwarming since Lucy survived. Thanks Lucy and good going.

  5. petslave says:

    I’m with you Doug–I would have cancelled that flight & stayed until I found her.

  6. mittens says:

    however , reallly kept alive merely from the fact that she couldn’t eat commercially prepared poisoned pet food for that time of confinement….

  7. FiverCat says:

    Very well said mittens.

  8. karen says:

    what a crazy story! cats are pretty resourceful!

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