Cat Survives Snake Encounter Around Neck

JellyJelly can deal with anything, including cooperhead snakes.

This nine-year-old cat survived an encounter with a copperhead snake wrapped around her neck. Jelly was walking around the yard when her owner Wendy Wallis spotted her.

Wallis called wildlife rescuers to remove the snake and said both animals seemed happy to be rid of each other’s company. Jelly didn’t show any signs of a snake bite the first night, but by the morning, Wallis said Jelly was almost paralyzed.

Jelly was rushed to the veterinarian and was pumped full of anti-venom, and the veterinarian said she should fully recover.

Wallis said she was able to quickly take this photo of Jelly while the snake was still around her neck.


(Thanks Amanda)

4 thoughts on “Cat Survives Snake Encounter Around Neck

  1. Looks like a young Copperhead, but where it was, and able to bite repeatedly, the poor kitty probably got a hefty dose of venom in a very bad spot.

  2. At least this person took the cat to the vet for treatment, unlike the woman with the snake bit dog who just waited to see if the dog died or not.

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