Cat Survives Storms And High Winds 50 Feet Up In Tree

CatThis is the story of one cat who survived the Tennessee storms in a tree.

The cat got stuck in a tree behind the home of Tom Hendrickson. When Hendrickson’s daughter and her friends spotted the cat, they knew they had to help the cat because of the storms and the high winds.

Hendrickson said, “He was getting weak in his meow and we had three stressed out little girls who were really concerned about him.”

One of the daughter’s friends had a father who used to climb and trim trees for a living, so they called him. He climbed up the tree and rescued the cat and brought him to safety.

The cat was brought to an animal hospital and is recovering from his experience in the tree. The cat is very friendly and is house-trained but didn’t have a collar on.

So far, the cat hasn’t gone back outside and has only left the house to go to the animal hospital.

For now, the Hendricksons have a new family pet that is quite the survivor. They have named him Topper since he was a cat that “topped” a tree.

Source: NewsChannel9

3 Responses to “Cat Survives Storms And High Winds 50 Feet Up In Tree”

  1. The Lioness says:

    Bless those little girls for being so vigilant and giving “Topper” a 2nd chance at life!

    ~The Lioness

  2. Cheryl says:

    Topper will probably never go outside again! I rescued my Cleo during a rainstorm and she gets antsy even now if I open the door.

  3. Denise says:

    I agree with cheryl, my Rocky well I found him at the humane society and he had been kept out side all 4 months of his little life and starved this was in 1993. He became ill and I lost in 2004 but he never did go outside and didn’t want to they don’t forget. at least I don’t think he did and always wanting to eat and I had to really watch because he was getting heavy. the vet said he never forgot being starved. this just shows me there are still wonderful caring people left out there. god bless them sincerely, Denise

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