Cat Toy Review: Cat Charmer Cat Toy

Cat Charmer

It’s difficult to charm cats. They are not easily impressed. Well, the Cat Charmer might be able to charm the pants (or hair) off of your cat.

The Cat Charmer is a tie-dyed terry-cloth streamer (approximately 4 feet long) attached to a resilient 16-inch acrylic wand. You can twirl and whirl it all day while your cat gets his aerobic exercise.


Review 1 of the Cat Charmer cat toy

I thought it would be impossible to make a better cat toy than the Cat Dancer until I bought the Cat Charmer for my girlfriend’s cats. This thing is like cat crack. Her cats get so crazy playing with this thing that it’s hard to tell if they love it or want to kill it. I think it’s both. Even her big, fat, nearly 20 pound cat was going nuts over this thing.

It seems so simple. It’s just a fabric ribbon attached to a stick, but there’s something subtle about it that makes cats lose their minds. Sometimes they try to attack it and sometimes they just stare at it as if hypnotized. When they try to grab it in their teeth it just slips through. This seems to aggravate them even more. My arm gets tired of whipping it around before they get tired of playing with it.

If your cat has front claws, they could probably snag on the fabric, but I can’t think of another drawback.

Review 2 of the Cat Charmer cat toy

This toy is incredible. We have two cats, one a little chubby who loves to play and another a little skinny who is terrible at playing and is sometimes scared off by how aggressive his brother can be. With the Cat Charmer, they play together, taking turns going crazy. This toy gets the cat who needs more exercise running all over the house; the cat who can’t play seems to have rediscovered how. I also love that the toy is simple enough that it is not going to be destroyed within 15 minutes and that it is soft enough that getting accidentally bonked on the head with it doesn’t end play time for the kitties.

Review 3 of the Cat Charmer cat toy

We used to spend so much money on cat toys it was absurd. This is the LAST one I will ever buy for a cat. I bought six for Christmas gifts for friends with feline friends, and they all agree - THIS IS THE #1 Cat Toy of the Millennium. Seriously. My cat loves it, drags it around the house and gets the best, healthiest exercise of anything we’ve ever tried. It has a clear plastic wand that I’ve stepped on a zillion times and it does not break. The rubber that holds the material on KEEPS the material on it, no matter what. It’s sturdy and the colors make it easy to find on the carpets. Turn your adult cat into a kitten again.

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11 Responses to “Cat Toy Review: Cat Charmer Cat Toy”

  1. Janice says:

    Was this toy made in the USA or China?

  2. Patricia says:

    This is my 5 & 8 yr old cats’ favorite toy!

  3. Jessica, leo's mom says:

    One of my abyssinians swallowed almost the entire fabric part of this toy. It’s a great toy but should be a supervised one for sure.

  4. dog collar addict says:

    it’s my cats favorite toy!

  5. furball mom says:

    This thing is also the favorite toy of my 2 cats!…but Jessica, leo’s mom is right! You need to supervise your cats and not leave it laying around! My male cat tries to eat it….don’t know why……but learned to put it away when we aren’t playing. I got mine at PetSmart, I think……WELL worth the price….which wasn’t that much!

  6. Eric says:

    My cats go frickin’ nuts for this toy, and so does my parents’ cat. It’s possibly the best toy ever.

  7. mittens says:

    my torties carry one by the stick in their mouths-bringing it into whatever room i am in but don’t seem that engaged with me playing with it with them. they really enjoy trotting their toys around from room to room and burying them in whatever fabric they find.

    they have never tried to eat it but they eat all the feather toys of this ilk.

  8. CatLuv says:

    One of my cats ate much of this toy as well, spent 36 hours at the vet.

  9. leo says:

    They say on the label to supervise play and they mean it. My cat dragged this toy off the counter, bit off 4 feet of felt and swallowed it! Very out of character. Enormous vet bill. Kitty is OK.

  10. Nini says:

    OMG my cat just did the same thing… I would never have noticed had I not found it in the bedroom with the fleece part chewed off about an inch down from the wand!

    Now all my four cats are acting completely normal and active, so I have to guess who might have done it so I can take him/her to the vet’s… Did your cat have to have surgery done to remove it, or did it come out on its own?


  11. Rachel says:

    My cats love this toy as well, however one day I found that one of them had puked up about 3 inches of it, since then Ive kept it up unless im playing with them, however they must have gotten ahold of it again because tonight my cat had about 6 inches of the thing hanging from his butt.

    Im not sure if I need to take him to the vet. He is acting fine now that I pulled it out for him. Any suggestions?


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