Cat Toy Review: Da Bird Interactive Feather Cat Toy


Is your cat crazy about birds? Well, your cat may go absolutely crazy about Da Bird! This feather cat toy mimics the look and sound of a real bird in flight. It consists of a 36 inch fiberglass rod, 50 pound test braided nylon string, and aerodynamically configured feathers. The toy is set on a swivel, so the feathers look and sound like real bird wings. There is another version that has a pull apart pole (two 18 inch poles).

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Review 1 of Da Bird Interactive Feather Cat Toy

My indoor kitten loves this thing. He carries it around in his mouth after he’s caught it, like prey and will play with it until he’s ready to drop. When I see him with his tongue out, I know it’s time to put the toy away. Like the other reviewers of this product, I agree that you must keep this toy out of sight when not using it. I purchased the refills and am glad I did. This is going to be one of those toys that never gets old. It’s a great product. I highly recommend it for any cat that needs some exercise.

Review 2 of Da Bird Interactive Feather Cat Toy

I bought this after I read it was recommended by the author of “Cat vs. Cat”. I have 3 cats - a stuck-up prissy female, an obese lazy female, and a psychotic energetic male. I love this thing! I am so amazed and very happy that all 3 of them love this toy! My stuck-up cat usually never plays with cat toys, only strings, pens, and straws. My fat cat just never plays, but is obsessed with watching out the window and talking to birds. The male, however, was born in a feral cat colony, but bottle fed by my step-sister. He has endless energy. Before I even got DA Bird out of its package he was excited (the other two were sleeping). We started playing, and soon the fat one came downstairs to see what was going on. Before long, I had my two females playing with it, having put the male in a room.

The only thing you might want to consider is if you have a cat who is over possessive or wild, he/she may destroy the feathers before a normal cat would. My male cat was so nuts over this, he actually was tiring himself out to the point of panting. The problem is when he would actually catch Da Bird, he will not let go and growls, so the other cats don’t want to play. Really, if you think about it, wild cats (and some domestic) catch birds then take them off to eat, but as long as you don’t allow them to get to aggressive with it, you should be fine.

I definitely recommend this toy. Be sure you keep this somewhere your cats can’t find it when you aren’t playing with them.

Review 3 of Da Bird Interactive Feather Cat Toy

Like most cat toys, this one consists of feathers and a string and stick combination used to attract the kitties’ attention. Without fail it gets one of our cats worked into a chasing frenzy like none of their other toys do. We simply open the closet door and he is waiting to play (since cats should not really be un-attended with this toy). He even spends the morning meowing at us to begin playtime. The toy is easy to use and requires very little action from the owner, good for individuals who can’t be on the ground with their pets. I will continue to maintain the Da Bid in our cat toy collection.

Feel free to share your own reviews on this product if you and your cat have had experience with Da Bird.

5 Responses to “Cat Toy Review: Da Bird Interactive Feather Cat Toy”

  1. Bridgett says:

    This toy gets 4 paws up from my cats.

  2. Lisa Clay says:

    I had a bengal (now at Rainbow Bridge) and this was BY FAR, his most favorite toy ever. It is popular with all my cats, but he loved it the most.

  3. Monika says:

    I have gone through many of these in the last 7 years. My male cat goes crazy for this toy and I am constantly buying replacement feathers for it.
    If I don’t initiate play with him he drags the entire toy and leaves it at my feet. This is definitely in his top 3 favorite toys (the other two are his assortment of Fat Cat catnip stuffed toys and the extremely popular (with both cats) star chaser: i think everyone should own the star chaser - or other interactive toys that don’t alway require you to stimulate them.. the cats will go up to the star chaser when they feel like it and go nuts..

  4. AndrenCat says:

    This has been the favored toy in my 5-cat household for years and I regularly give them as kitty gifts to both new and experienced cat owners. It’s always a hit. Go Cat has several excellent fishing pole products, the best on the market.

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