Cat Video: Cat And Coyote Eating Together

7 Responses to “Cat Video: Cat And Coyote Eating Together”

  1. Bridgett says:

    I wonder what the story is behind this video. They must have raised this coyote from a babe. It sure is beautiful. It jumped on the counter like it was nothing!

  2. leavesofjoy says:

    It’s a pretty cool story- the coyote was saved as a pup by the woman filming- her blog is at:

    I love the moment the coyote tries to feed the cat from his mouth like a mom to a pup!

  3. Robert Davis says:

    That is so cute!!!! thank you so much for sharing with us!


  4. momkat says:

    awww…that’s so precious! The coyotes we have around here are mangy…literally, they have mange…. and skinny and they eat the other critters…including pets. One attacked a person here last year when she tried to get between it and her little dog on her patio.
    They really are beautiful animals if they’re healthy and well-fed.

  5. Cynic says:

    I hope the “wildlife authorities” don’t find out about this coyote. They’ll rush to seize and kill the poor animal.

  6. Klondike says:

    I was wondering about that, too, but I checked out the blog link that leavesofjoy posted, (Thanks! Stunning photos there.), and it is legal.

  7. Elderta says:

    Wow! After reading that blog, my heart is filled with gladness for both Charlie and Eli. What an adventure!

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