Cat Video: Flying Cat Jump

This is one high flying cat that really didn’t want to get caught!

7 Responses to “Cat Video: Flying Cat Jump”

  1. Gary says:

    I just hope he wasn’t hurt.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hope he wasn’t hurt either. He sure didn’t want any part of those people!

  3. Bridgett says:

    Poor Kitty!!!! But wow, give him a cape!

  4. Gary says:

    He did take a flying leap spread out but brought his legs together, ready to land. Amazing. Can you imagine if a human did that? they would have broken every bone in his body and would be dead. Still makes me sad..poor kitty!

  5. Bridgett says:

    He must have been terrified to try that. It is amazing how cats can do that. What saved him was starting off on his feet. If he had just fallen, he wouldn’t have had enough time to re-orient himself with his feet down before he hit the ground. Cats are just amazing!!!

  6. bw says:

    Poor little guy, bless his heart. His posture during the jump was superb, but unfortunately he landed on the cement sidewalk instead of the softer grass. That must have hurt. I bet he is hiding somewhere licking all of his sore spots. I hope he doesn’t suffer any long term problems as a result of his flying. I wonder what he was running away from to wind up on top of that pole. What an unbelievable video.

  7. Kevin says:

    When cats hit a certain velocity they will glide to an extent. When they land they will let their whole body absorb the impact so that no one area of the body will take the full impact. That’s why they sound like they are flopping on the ground when they jump down from heights.

    Watch how his body almost becomes a parachute to glide and slow himself down.

    Cats are amazing!

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