Cat Video: Food Stealing Cat

This cat is quite persistent!

4 Responses to “Cat Video: Food Stealing Cat”

  1. furmom says:

    It doesn’t actually look like he’s stealing. He lets the other cat have a feed, and then rather nicely (no one is being agressive) slides the bowl his way, I’d call it “sharing”.

  2. momkat says:

    Oh how funny!
    Our bengal male, Buster, does that!
    I must get it on video!

  3. mittens says:

    ok the sick sad thing is- my cats do this to me while i am trying to eat! i feed them first to avoid it but ive had them drag my plate away from me and the snowshoe was very adept at some funky stealth kung fu moves to slap food off of raised forks and french fries clean out of hands. and i’m outnumbered so you fend one off from the front and her sisters sneak around the sides .

  4. anita says:

    Why didn’t they feed the white cat too? Morons. They are laughing when the poor white cat doesn’t get any food. What stupid idiot humans.

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