Cat Video: Collection Of Funny Cats

Oh, cats… They’re so funny.

12 Responses to “Cat Video: Collection Of Funny Cats”

  1. Bridgett says:

    Cats just want us to think they are cool, calm and collected but we cat owners know the truth.

  2. Carol Johnson says:

    Has anyone from Itchmo actually WATCHED this video. It is vulgar and the picture of the dead cat is simply sick!!

    I am very disappointed to find this here.

  3. Bridgett says:

    what dead cat? I didn’t see a dead cat.

  4. Ben Huh says:


    I believe you’re referring to the videos that YouTube believes is related to the one we posted. Their video “recommendations” appear at the end of every YouTube video and is a common industry practice for video services.

    We did not post the video you are referring to. They are posted on YouTube and we did not link to them, and we have no control over what they believe are related.

    I recommend that you write to YouTube and let them know that such a video should be removed from their site.


  5. Carol Johnson says:

    It is the one entitled Funny cats 2 MY LOL net…..lot of foul language…and then one of a cat hit by a car with a sign that says “Free Cat”.

    I have no issue with protesting this….but I have a real issue that Itchmo evidently will not let Youtube know it is offensive to animal lovers.

    ITCHMO ADMIN: Carol, now that we know what videos you are referring to, we have alerted YouTube that the videos are offensive and inappropriate.

  6. Lynn says:

    Carol Johnson:


    You should have contacted YouTube the minute you saw the video that contained dead animal content. It is not Itchmo’s responsibility to write something for you.

    How do you KNOW whether Itchmo’s staff did or did not take it upon themselves to write YouTube? Pretty presumptuous of you to assume what Itchmo staff would or not do.

    For all the time you spent writing on this page you could have sent the protest to YouTube. :-)

  7. Lynn says:

    Back to the cat video on this page. Hilarious. This is a keeper.

  8. Bridgett says:

    We should all write to YouTube.

  9. Carol Johnson says:


    Why is it up to the members alone to protest offensive material??….they has some responsibility to speak up as it is their web site…not mine….and yes I will write…and yes I corresponded with Itchmo….and initially they said I should write and gave NO indication that they would follow-up. (which they have now…great!!!)

    Again….a pro-animal web site should not tolerate pictures of dead cats used for humor.

    My point is that ALL of us should protest…readers and itchmo…which they have now done…so good for them.

    Pretty presumptious of YOU to be critical when you do not have all the facts.

  10. Lynn says:

    Carol Johnson:

    I am not a mind-reader and can only respond to what is written for all to see on the website. So please don’t judge me because I wasn’t given all the facts. Apparently you had some behind-the-scenes communications with Itchmo staff.


    1. Did anyone ever say that “members alone” should protest offensive material? I never read that anywhere.

    2. Itchmo, to my knowledge, did not publish the video you wrote of. Even still…[see item 3 below].

    3. I perceive is a news website which focuses on all aspects of animals and presents news to animal lovers whether that news is good or horrific. That said, if HAD shown the video you refer to [which I have not seen] then I am certain they would have done so as a means of educating us as to the horrible stuff is going on, what we should be aware of. While some stupid folks on YouTube might think dead cats are funny, give the rest of us a little credit; if such a video was published on itchmo’s website, it would have been met with sheer horror. In fact, HAD itchmo run that video, YouTube would have been overwhelmed with messages condemning that from itchmo’s readers, I’m sure. My point is that itchmo website serves to relate animal news unbiasedly, not judge it or censor it.

  11. louis says:

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