Cats and Cars Don’t Mix

Cat Stuck in CarNot only was there just one incident of a cat getting stuck in a car, but there were two this week. The first happened in Boston when a cat got stuck in a fan belt. The Siamese cat had climbed into the car for warmth and when the owner of the car turned on the ignition, he heard an animal in distress. When he opened up the hood, he found Coco the cat. Coco survived but has some severe lacerations due to the moving fan belt.

The second incident happened in Pennsylvania when a woman brought her car into a mechanic because she smelled cat urine. When the mechanic popped open the hood, to his surprise, he found a cat behind a headlight wedged in a fender well (I wondered how much the mechanic charged her). The cat had a few burn injuries to his paws but is expected to fully recover. Speedy recovery to you two and please remember car engines are not good hiding places.

4 Responses to “Cats and Cars Don’t Mix”

  1. Jonathan says:

    Thats one good thing about having a garage. Yikes!

  2. filbert says:

    I’ve heard about squirrels and chipmunks and other rodents trying to make nests in parked cars as well… I feel bad for the car!

  3. susanUnPC says:

    My cat Althea lost almost all of her tail from crawling inside a car when she was homeless and living in the (yech) WalMart parking lot.

    I can see how it happened. She loves warmth even more than most kitties.

    By the time she came into my life, it was an old injury and it had healed on its own. The veterinarian said her tail doesn’t require surgery, unless she’d like plastic surgery … but she’s waiting until she needs a whiskers lift.

  4. Stephanie says:

    I had a cat that was under the hood for two days. The car was clunking, but no one was able to see the cat. Surprisingly, the cat survived. He had pretty severe lacerations and a fractured skull.

    He was never the same. He would attack everyone and everything. He would also stare up the clothes shute for hours on a daily basis.

    Even know he wasn’t quite right, he was still loved and lived a long full life.

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