Cats and Dogs Can Help With Your Web Security

Asirra LogoThe next time you sign up for a free email account, you may be picking cats out of a set of mug shots. The technology is not yet ready for prime-time, but those clever cats at Microsoft have figured out a way to distinguish between humans and bots (software that perform human-like tasks). Currently, most Web sites use garbled or obfuscated set of characters so that bots can’t sign up for a zillion free accounts. But identifying characters are getting easier for software. Apparently, bots still suck at figuring out the difference between a cat or a dog, while people are very good at it. (Um, I’ve seen some dogs that I swear look like cats.) Take a test and see if you are a bot or a human. If you find out that you are really a bot, don’t blame us. Blame the Matrix. The Asirra project has partnered with PetFinder for their image source.

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