Cats And Dogs Living In The Lap Of Luxury

Blueberry Facial Dog

Orange County. It’s thought of a place where beautiful and rich people thrive that can get anything that their hearts desire. Now, some of the pets of Orange County are joining in this luxurious life. Anything that a pet could want, his owner hands it to him on a silver platter.

During the last 18 months, at least 15 pet spas, shops and hotels have opened or introduced new products or services in Orange County. The demand of pet services is in response to the increase of pet parents in the area.

A pampered pet must start at the doggy day spa. Meet Montana, an Australian Shepherd (pictured here). No, he did not paint his face to show his support for his favorite football team. He is in the middle of a blueberry facial. This facial is supposed to make a dog’s white fur even whiter.

When you must leave your furry friend at home while you vacation, one overnight boarding facility in Orange County goes above and beyond for its pet parents. They sell a 20-page custom book filled with narrated photos of your dog’s activities during his stay for $250. So, now you can find out what Fido really does when you’re gone.

One Yorkshire terrier, Lady Daphne of Laguna Beach, has a closet, chest drawers and jewelry box. She has 10 pet carriers including a $325 Juicy Couture bag and a $400 Puchi satchel. She owns cable-knit sweaters, kimonos, suede jackets, and PJs. Lady Daphne must have her own jewelry which includes sapphire and opal necklaces and a triple strand of (real) pearls. No fake jewelry for this pup.

From OC Register:

“Daphne is my heart,” said her owner/mom, RonDee Kelly, 49, who has an art gallery in Laguna Beach called Pure Color. “She’s become an extension of me. I used to lavish gifts on my only daughter. Now, I lavish gifts on Daphne.”

Kelly treats Daphne, a five pound, two-and-a-half-year-old creature, like her baby. She takes the Yorkie to the art gallery every day. She’ll strap her into the dog seat on the passenger side of her Audi TT Roadster and drive with the top down. Inside the car is the diaper bag that holds Daphne’s essentials: harnesses, T-shirts, hair detangler spray, brush, hair clips and doggy wipes that smell like mango.

Her husband, Mike Kelly, 55, a photographer whose artwork hangs in their Laguna Beach gallery, comes in second. “That’s fine with him because he adores her too,” RonDee Kelly said.

But after she “went nuts” and dropped about $10,000 on stuff for Daphne in the first year, her husband said: “OK, now it’s time to slow down.”

A poll released last year by the Pew Research Center asked people who they felt closest to in their families. Fido ranked No.1, with more than nine out of 10 pet parents describing their relationship with their mutts as “close.” Mom came in second, but should be happy considering the competition. And sorry, dad, even the cat easily beat you in the intimacy race.

7 Responses to “Cats And Dogs Living In The Lap Of Luxury”

  1. Lynne says:

    Oh for pete’s sake! I’m embarrassed to be American.

  2. mittens says:

    i think it’s about time i put on a dog collar and humped someone’s leg… i could stand some pampering and jewels are a dog’s best friend….

  3. Pukanuba says:

    Mittens: you cracked me up. Down girl, off our guest’s leg……

    I think the only thing a dog would truly enjoy would be a massage. All this other stuff is foolishness. Blueberry facial……oh puuuullllleeeeezzzzz! Wish those rich people would throw some money my way…….

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dog “dressed up” that had a happy look. I think a cute bandana is just fine……my dog “struts” around when I put on her bandana. She thinks she’s queen for a day. Anything more than that, I would not only embarrass her but also myself.

  4. mittens says:

    hey, i can pee on the oriental carpet and run around the dining room table , yapping, when the door bell rings with the best of them…i draw the line at the blueberry facial though-that seems just cruel on anyone. however i could be compelled to comply with just the right sapphire bauble.

    i’ve spent almost that amount on vet bills this year…( old age, yanked out claw with wound, hyperthyroid and now CRF on 4 different 20 year old cats. unrelated to pet food btw.)- so no juicy couture bags for my ladies this year. no kitty cat spa with crystal water bowls and their own tv-(hell the last vet bill nixed my vacation for this year.) not that they’d care- they like the good old amazon box or a paper bag and the toilet is very refreshing, apparently.

  5. Pit Bull Lover says:

    I do wish people like RonDee and Mike Kelly would do something a bit more altruistic with their disposable income. Yorkie Lady Daphne’s sapphires, opals, and triple-strand pearl necklace illuminate little more than her owners’ obscene level of materialism.

    Donate to the Humane Society of Orange County! Help a SoCal Yorkie rescue group! Fund a local spay/neuter program! Create a fund in Lady Daphne’s name at low-cost veterinary clinic!

    Crass, puerile, self-absorbed people. Ugh.

  6. straybaby says:

    seems to me a real blueberry facial would stain, not whiten . . . .

  7. So. Orange County says:

    To Pit Bull Lover:

    What do you do with your disposable income?? Do you contribute to charities? Help rescue pit bulls? Do you help to fund spay/neuter clinics? Is there a fund created in your dog’s name?

    Or do you just assume people who indulge little dogs don’t bother with such things? Why not contact them and ask before passing judgement…it seems to me you are slinging a lot of mud with out knowing anything but this article. Take it for what it is …”dogs in Living in the Lap of Luxury.”

    Maybe they’ll do another article about “Which type of dog owners are the most charitable” Will your name be at the top of the list?

    (I don’t know about the people in the article, but I would not take very kindly to strangers telling me what to do with my money…would you??)

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