Cat’s Paw Hits Winning Numbers In Lottery


A cat in China has won $446 for his owner after he accidentally pawed the lottery machine and bought five tickets.

The cat’s owner, a lottery outlet owner, said his black and white cat jumped onto the keyboard of a working lottery machine and started to walk on the keys.

As the cat was prancing on the machine, the machine recorded the random numbers being pressed by the cat. And when the cat stepped on the confirm button, five lottery tickets came out with the cat’s lucky numbers.

When the lottery results were revealed later that night, all five tickets were winners. One won second prize and the other four won fifth prize.

The cat’s owner, who adopted him two months ago, said he never expected that any of the random tickets his cat made would ever win.

To congratulate his cat on his lucky winnings, he posted the second prize lottery ticket in his store with two Chinese characters on it — Mao Xuan, meaning the cat chose it.

Source: Shanghai Daily

One Response to “Cat’s Paw Hits Winning Numbers In Lottery”

  1. Radcliff, Allie, Luna, & Ozzie says:

    We were believing this fine until the part where all five tickets won. Now we aren’t so sure we buy it.

    Either way, it is a nice story, though. :-)

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