CDC To Create New Regulations For Importing Dogs Into US


With the influx of dogs traveling or being imported to the US to animal shelters, many are worried that these dogs may bring foreign diseases and rabies into the US.

In March 2007, a dog from India flew through Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and was flown to its owner in Alaska before it was diagnosed with rabies.

In May 2004, a dog from Puerto Rico was taken to a Massachusetts shelter to find a new home but was diagnosed with rabies. The Massachusetts Department of Health said this was the first case of rabies in “decades.”

Due to the increase of incidences, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is becoming involved because their number one priority is canine rabies.

The CDC will draw new regulations and have systems to better screen incoming dogs in place by next year.

“It’s a ticking time bomb,” said Patti Strand, president of the National Animal Interest Alliance. “We’ve spent fortunes and decades eradicating many of these diseases, and they may be reintroduced.”

A Department of Agriculture spokesperson said that the agency has no authority to monitor people who import large numbers of dogs and sell them on their own.

They then can sell the unregulated dogs on the Internet, newspaper ads, and street corners. The executive vice president of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council said these sales make up the majority of the international dog trade.

Source: USA Today

6 Responses to “CDC To Create New Regulations For Importing Dogs Into US”

  1. kathy says:

    Having seen what happens when a large number of people move just from state to state (Colorado now has fleas thank you very much ) I’m glad to see CDC getting involved. Now if only they would get involved with all this salmonella and e coli……..
    Don’t get me wrong, I literally hurt for all these foreign dogs. But don’t we have enough of our own to take care of?????

  2. janet says:

    this is a good idea but they should take it one step farther-screen incoming people for contagious diseases, especially tuberculosis

  3. EXPAT says:

    “In May 2004, a dog from Puerto Rico was taken to a Massachusetts shelter to find a new home but was diagnosed with rabies. The Massachusetts Department of Health said this was the first case of rabies in “decades.”

    A problem here: though PR is not a state, it is part of the US. Puerto Ricans do not want statehood because under the current arrangement they get generous subsidies and do not pay income tax-when they are living in Puerto Rico.

  4. Robert S says:

    I adopted a little love bug of a dog in Massachusetts that was brought over from PR. Please don’t frown down on such programs (SATO) as they have nothing but the best intentions. They furnish a few shelters with smaller size rescue dogs due to the shelters having primarily only large dogs available for adoption. The idea is to help these dogs get a proper home, and keep folks from supporting puppy mills by turning to their local pet shop when they can’t find a smaller dog at the shelter. There are vets involved in the US territory of PR, and here in MA that address the dogs health. Touch wood this dog is about as healthy as they come. I only wish I could say the same of my Italian Greyhound from the Petland pet store in St. Petersburg Florida. Yes – I plead prior ignorance to the pet store puppy mill puppy issue. They all sell them – up here in the North East too (and they lie to you when you ask – like Rumford Pets.) Now there is an issue somebody should be doing something about.

  5. Beth says:

    Why would you adopt a foriegn dog, when there are thousands being put down every day down here in the south central part of the us. Why are they not importing dogs froom other parts of the US. For every dog that is imported there is one here in the us that is put down.

    Makes no sense to me.

  6. Donna says:

    Why would you adopt a dog that was imported from another country??? My question is Why would an american “rescue” person Import a dog (15000 from peurto Ricao alone yup We americans have done such a great job in spneautering our dogs that there is now a shortage of small dogs here in america. instead of saying “our job is finished and i am proudly announcing the closure of most of our rescue kennels”. they are franticaly importing small dogs from taiwan, puerto rico ect. better way a group member says it best ….

    Any time you hear someone claim that there is a dog overpopulation you
    should realize that they are either uninformed or just a common liar.
    The average animal extremist does not want the low populations to be
    known since claims of dog overpopulation is what keeps them in
    business. It’s what keeps the donations coming in. It’s what pays the
    huge salaries of the CEOs of their organizations. It’s what keeps
    them basting in glory and it’s what makes them feel like heroes. They
    are desperate to keep the lies alive and believed.

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