Celebrating A Dog Who Is Giving An Autistic Boy A New Lease On Life

SageBefore Sage, Zach had trouble at school and could hardly fall asleep at night. This thirteen-year-old boy suffers with Autism. Sage is a Golden Retriever, rescued from a shelter and custom trained by Zach himself to be a service dog and a special companion; a companion who would quickly change his life and lift him from his fears and struggles.

These days, Zach’s mom watches in awe as Zach talks more freely with people, telling them all about Sage.

“Since Sage arrived, we’ve seen an improvement in Zach’s social skills; he’s making more eye contact, remembering a few more names, and even initiating some conversation!” said Rhonda Urbach, Zach’s mother.

In addition to giving Zach the boost he needed to blend with people of all ages for the first time, Zach’s mom says Sage is just the warm and gentle calming force Zach desperately needs to help calm his extreme anxieties and help him unwind after a day at school. She’s seen how Sage has helped open up a new world for Zach. His love and pride for his very special dog is helping Zach live a better life every day.

To honor Zach and Sage’s special relationship and to emphasize the significance of the animal-human bond they share, Dog Lovers Wine Club ( www.DogLoversWineClub.com ) will feature Zach and Sage on their “Dog of The Month” November Label.

Each month, the boutique California winery selects a special dog from stories and photos submitted by wine and dog enthusiasts across the United States. The bottles feature an inspirational real-life story and a custom illustration of a dog on wine labels shipped out to Dog Lovers Wine Club members all over the country. Every club membership supports animal shelters, rescue, therapy and service organizations throughout the United States. There are over thirty different non-profit animal shelters and rescue organizations that can benefit from each wine club membership.

7 Responses to “Celebrating A Dog Who Is Giving An Autistic Boy A New Lease On Life”

  1. Nora and Rufus says:

    Sage will make a beautiful and outstanding label and it is so well deserved. What a beautiful Golden, and a rescue too!

  2. Poodlluv says:

    What a wonderful story.
    Great job Sage and Zach! Way to go! :)
    So very happy to know that they have found each other! Very heartwarming.

    To boutique California winery,
    Thank you for such an awesome contribution! Your sending a terrific message, keep up the great work!

  3. Katie says:

    Great story! I’m glad that Zach and Sage found one another. Just another reminder how special the human - animal bond can be.


  4. straybaby says:

    larry king just did another show on autism. every single person on the panel agreed that the autisic children seemed to respond positively to dogs. horse also seemed to be good for them.

    Dog Lovers Wine Club sounds like they have a good thing going! KUDOS for them for reaching out and sharing stories and help.

  5. Lynn says:

    Excellent. Everyone involved should be VERY proud.

    NEVER underestimate the healing power of a dog.

  6. Stephanie says:

    My best friend has two autistic boys (and a Pug named Gucci). This story was beautiful. I’m going to share it with as many people as I can. Autism is rising at an alarming rate. 1 in every 150 individuals is diagnosed with Autism, and boys are 4 times more likely to have it than girls. Thank you Dog Lovers Wine Club for sharing this story with everyone.

  7. Special Dog. | 7Wins.eu says:

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