Charges May Be Filed Against Officer Who Shot Dog In Front Of Family

BobbyThe Teton county sheriff deputy who shot Bobby, a dog, three times in front of Bobby’s owners last month may face criminal charges.

The incident involving Deputy Joseph Gutierrez has been investigated by the sheriff’s office for the past three weeks. Since the shooting, Gutierrez has been suspended with pay.

The sheriff’s office is recommending that Gutierrez be charged.

Bobby’s owner, Leo Barboza, is taking legal action against the county.

Source: KIDK

6 Responses to “Charges May Be Filed Against Officer Who Shot Dog In Front Of Family”

  1. Tammy says:

    He should be charged and he should not be getting payed while on suspension. He should not even have a job. What kind of person shoots a animal for no reason. I would not of let him do it if it was my animal he would of had to killed me first. Fire Him!!

  2. Denise says:

    I think its high time that people (police)and others realize that these are our familey members not just animals. prision would be too good for this man. this must have been heart breaking for the family. I hope this man sues. Good for him.

  3. Nancy VB says:

    Suspended w/pay? Isn’t that like being on vacation? This man needs to pay for the pain he caused, to the animal and the family!
    I’m with you Tammy, you have to go through me to get to my pets!

  4. Lynn says:

    Hey, Bozos, cut off the pay while he’s suspended.

    Yes, you damn well should sue the County. And I hope the press follows it closely so that all law enforcement can see the value of pets and the kind of retribution the pet’s family will demand.

    And last but far from least, like Tammy, you would have to shoot me dead before you would get to mine.

  5. hazel says:

    HOW is being suspended WITH pay anything other than a paid vacation for a moral idiot?

    And if I recall right….this is the case where the family allowed the officer to take the dog and shoot him….not so bright there either.

  6. Dennis says:

    They’re lucky I’m not the pet owner. I’d have gone to the FBI and Federal Prosecutor and filed a written complaint of felony violation of civil rights criminal charges. It isn’t too late for the owner to explore that. Charges could be upgraded and taken away from the county and moved to Federal court. The good ole boy networks in some places are alive and well and can take cases like this and turn them into a slap on the hand. And the suit filed should be Federal and it should be the civil case for violation of civil rights, not just a suit to recover the care for the dog.

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