Chicago Panhandler Searches For His Missing Dog

Finley and Reba

Tom Finley is a familiar face in the Chicago Loop, and so was his beloved blond husky/terrier mix, Reba.

More than a week ago, Finley said his dog was stolen when he went inside a McDonald’s and left her outside. When he came back, his 12-year-old dog with a limp was missing.

Ever since her disappearance, Finley has been asking for help from everyone and anyone to help find Reba. He passes out fliers and asks if they have seen his dog.

Finley said: “She is truly my best friend and my family. I know she’s ready to come home to me.”

He believes that someone took his dog because the person believed that Finley couldn’t care for her. He currently does have an apartment, but often, he is homeless.

Despite his circumstances, many people who work in the Loop and see Finley and Reba all the time said he is a loving owner and takes good care of her. They frequently see Finley toting Reba around the city in a trailer connected to his bicycle.

“I’ve seen him down here with Reba all the time,” one woman said. “I’m at near tears over this. Whoever took her is breaking his heart.”

The Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago has even stepped in to help Finley find Reba. They are offering Reba a lifetime of veterinary care, so whoever has Reba will know that she will be taken care of when she is returned to Finley.

Finley promised that he would never let Reba out of his sight again if the two were reunited.

He said that Reba has a big fluffy bed waiting for her at home.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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14 Responses to “Chicago Panhandler Searches For His Missing Dog”

  1. nora says:

    Reba! Reba! Where are you? Oh how this breaks my Heart also. I know that Mr. Finley loves his Reba just like I love my Rufus. I don’t know what I would do without him. I can only pray that Reba is being pampered and maybe whomever took her will find it in their heart to return her to her heartsickand very lonely human.

  2. Christine says:

    You can also keep up to date with the search for Reba (and submit any suggestions you may have) at .

    There is a reward, no questions asked, for whoever finds her.

  3. Robert Davis says:

    I’m so sad to hear this…. I hope Reba is found safe and sound and is returned to her dad.


  4. Robert Davis says:

    I just saw the pic and she reminds me somewhat of a shib inu mix….

  5. NH says:

    This just breaks my heart. To the person who took Reba…please bring her home. I know you thought you were helping, but Reba needs to be with her friend. Please return her…please.

  6. Sky Eyes Woman says:

    I wish I could go to Chicago and help him look for her. :-(

  7. Maria says:

    The poor man has very little but Reba, his dog, and someone takes her?! I only hope the wrong person didn’t get her, that it was someone trying to be “humane” and not someone with criminal intent, and that she is returned soon.

  8. Justin H says:

    Reba, Dearest, I have met you when I worked for a pet boutique downtown, Mr. Finley is a great man and takes great care of Reba. I hope Reba is found alive and well! this just breaks my soul knowing someone is hurting Tom. Please give her back!

  9. elizabeth says:

    This is a big city but there is probably no one who has worked or shopped in downtown Chicago over the past few years who has not encountered Reba and her dad at some point. She always had a soft little blanket or rug to lie on and is soooo calm and well behaved. No question Mr Finley got extra donations because of Reba but she was loved and obviously cared for. This is so sad because some self appointed do-gooder “dog napper” is doing much more harm than good by separating Reba and her owner. Kind of reminds me of the off-base “do-gooders” trying to remove the Hemingway cats from THEIR lifelong home.

    The Chicago media and animal welfare organizations have been absolutely stellar about helping out here and creating publicity about Reba. And, since so many people already know what Reba looks like and are keeping their eyes open for her I hope she will return “home” before long. I couldn’t even type this post without tearing up.

  10. elizabeth says:

    Don’t know any details yet but Chicago Trib website says Reba and Finley have been reunited! There is a picture of them. Yeah!!!

  11. Radcliff, Allie, Luna, & Ozzie says:

    From the Return Reba blog:

    Reba was returned to the Anti Cruelty Society on Saturday, 9/22. The word is she was returned by the woman who abducted her. Tom is ecstatic. A press conference is scheduled for 4:00 pm. Thanks to Kathy, the lady who provided the cell phone to Tom, for giving me the news ASAP.


  12. jabes says:

    I just saw the story on the news that Reba had been reunited with Mr. Finley. I hadn’t heard any of the previous stories, but I had wondered where she was when I saw him Wednesday morning when I got off the bus. I’m so relieved!

  13. 2CatMom says:

    As suspected, the person who took him did so because she didn’t think Reba was being properly cared for. Not only has Reba been reunited with Mr. Finley, but the Chicago Anti Cruelty Society has promised to provide for all of Reba’s medical care. So that’s one thing Mr. Finley doesn’t have to worry about any more.

    And the news showed Reba leaving the ACS sporting a new T-shirt. A happy ending for everyone.

  14. Chicago Panhandler Reunited With Dog | Itchmo: News For Dogs & Cats says:

    […] Finley hasn’t been able to sleep or eat for the past two weeks. His dog, Reba, had been missing since September 7. But now, this well known Chicago panhandler can finally get a night of peaceful sleep because he […]

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