Chihuahua Born With A Heart Marking In His Fur


People may wear their heart on a sleeve, but this adorable long-coated chihuahua puppy wears his heart on his back.

This male chihuahua was born in May with a perfect heart shaped marking in his fur. His owner has named him Heart-Kun. She was stunned when she saw the heart marking on his back because she had never seen anything like that before.

What a big heart for a little dog.

Source: Daily Telegraph

(Thanks Kam)

5 Responses to “Chihuahua Born With A Heart Marking In His Fur”

  1. DaveG says:

    When I was a kid, my parents’ next-door neighbors had a small terrier mix that had not one, but several heart-shaped markings just like this one. She also had a white coat, and the markings were a darker brown than the one in this pic but about the same size. I’ve never seen anything else like it until now.

  2. Flamin says:

    Oh what a cute puppy! But what kind of name is Heart-Kun?

    He looks more like a Sweetheart to me!

  3. HighNote says:

    What a sweet baby face! I have never seen a heart on a pup like this. How rare and so so cute!!

  4. daniela says:

    i love this dog he is so cut aaaaaa i wish i hade a puppy like this ant this babby boy so cut!!! i have never seen this kind of dog but now look at that cut little face weww!! love u

  5. hayley says:

    I have just had cocker spaniel pups and 1 has a white heart on his head.How amazin!!!

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