China Closes 180 Food Factories For Using Illegal Chemicals

China Factories

China has shut down 180 food factories after inspectors found industrial chemicals being used in products from candy to seafood. Worldwide concerns over China’s food safety problems have increased after high levels of toxins and industrial chemicals were found in exported products.

Chinese authorities are pushing for more strict controls and have increased the publicity of their crackdowns to keep the problem in check.

Formaldehyde, illegal dyes, and industrial wax were found being used to make candy, pickles, crackers and seafood, it said, citing Han Yi, an official with the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, which is responsible for food safety.

“These are not isolated cases,” Han, director of the administration’s quality control and inspection department, was quoted as saying.

Han’s admission was significant because the administration has said in the past that safety violations were the work of a few rogue operators, a claim which is likely part of a strategy to protect China’s billions of dollars (euros) of food exports.

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Han said most of the offending manufacturers were small, unlicensed food plants with fewer than 10 employees, and all had been shut down. China Daily said 75 percent of China’s estimated 1 million food processing plants are small and privately owned.

According to Han, the ongoing inspections are focusing on commonly consumed food such as meat, milk, beverages, soy sauce and cooking oil. Rural areas and the suburbs — where standards are likely less strict — are still considered key areas for inspectors, he said.

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22 Responses to “China Closes 180 Food Factories For Using Illegal Chemicals”

  1. Lisa says:

    Well Duh! Of course they want to look like they are taking care of the “problem”, They have the Olympics to host there, so they don’t want bad publicity.
    However, if this is what it takes and if it could be relied on that they will be more dilligent about their own food supply and such then it is all for the good, but we just don’t know that it won’t happen again.

  2. Ruth says:

    Europe and the U.S. should ban China imports. That would make China sit up and take notice to clean up their garbage imports. Countries would have to take a hard stance on importing defective products from China. Just look at the defective tires report that was on the news this week. Enough is enough.

    The U.S. needs to be less dependable on China. But on the other hand greed and money speak louder to greedy companies looking for a big profits and CEO’s lining their pockets with million $ paychecks. While the average American is the one left to suffer.

  3. Katie says:


    I totally agree. And I’ll say “talk is cheap”, only with testing every product they send here will we know they have changed.

    In regards to this; on the CBS national news yesterday, they talked about the counterfiet Nike’s and how bad the problem was and something needed to be done before someone got hurt. I couldn’t believe my ears! Not sure where CBS has been during the pet food contamination, bad tires, lead in toys and bibs, falsely labeled fish, antibiotics, etc. They must have exploded their heads covering Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears and just woke up to the real issues in America. Now they will probably fall asleep again.


  4. Krista says:

    This is so disgusting!!! We use and import so much of their GARBAGE!!!
    Right Into our food, animal feed, etc.. Lord knows what is floating around in our food.. All greed and money and we see no end in sight!!! It’s a terrible feeling to be such a dependant country now. We used to be able to take care of ourselves. So many happenings in this world and we have to be careful we are not poisioned from RED CHINA !!!
    Right now they are reporting on Fox that 450,000 tires have been recalled and listed the 4 makers.. but.. said more brands will come out within the next 4 days.. oh great!!

  5. thomas says:

    We should believe China? Why? As long as we have greedy American companys , agribusinesses and pharma that moved their businesses to china , to engage in child labor and cheap products . As long as we have corruption in the American government , as long as we have politicans campaigns bought and paid for by the same companys , corporations and agribusinesses that moved to China. Why would we believe China when are own government has proven to be unreliable . Does anyone trust Bush? the FDA? The USDA? We can trust are ability to vote in an election and with our dollar!!!!

  6. Carol says:

    China is doing this as they know they will get away with it—since we inspect 1% of imports—those odds are pretty good in their favor. And IF we happen to find something, it gets swept under the rug…as the US has no capability of handling this type of disaster.

  7. menusux says:

    If you haven’t heard enough about all the defective products from China, the company who distributed the faulty Chinese tires says it DOES NOT HAVE ENOUGH $ to recall them:

    Tire distributor says it can’t afford recall of defective Chinese tires
    Detroit Free Press June 27, 2007

    “The New Jersey tire distributor which has acknowledged that up to 450,000 tires it purchased from a Chinese company are defective said it doesn’t have enough money to conduct a voluntary recall.

    “In a letter to federal regulators dated June 11, Foreign Tire Sales Inc. of Union, N.J., told officials at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that it was “not in a position” to conduct a recall.

    “FTS said it purchased an unknown number of light truck radial tires from Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co. Ltd. of China from 2002 and 2006. An inspection of the tires found that the radials were made without a gum strip or with an insufficient gum strip between the belts. The gum strip is what helps keep the belts of a tire binded together.

    “The tires were sold under at least four brand names — Westlake, Compass, Telluride and YKS — in sizes LT235/75R-15, LT225/75R-16, LT235/85R-16, LT245/75R-16; LT265/75R-16; and LT3X10.5-15.

    “FTS, which doesn’t have a warehouse, has the tires it imports shipped directly to distributors.

    “In its filing with NHTSA, FTS said it sold Hangzhou tires to the following distributors: Tireco, in Compton, Calif.; Strategic Import Supply, in Wayzata, Minn.; Omni United USA Inc., in Jacksonville, Fla.; Orteck International Inc., in Gaithersburg, Md.; K&D Tire Wholesalers LLC, in Carlsbad, Calif.; and Robinson Tire, in Laurel, Miss.

    “FTS officials say Hangzhou Zhongce has failed to provide information that would allow FTS to determine exactly how many tires, and which batches, have the problem, according to a filing with NHTSA.

    “FTS on May 31 sued Hangzhou in U.S. District Court in Newark, charging that its tests found that the tires may fail earlier than those originally provided by Hangzhou, and that a recall would put FTS out of business. The lawsuit seeks unspecified monetary damages and an injunction that would bar Hangzhou products from being imported.

    “The lawsuit was reported Monday by the Wall Street Journal.

    “Officials at the Chinese manufacturer reject FTS’s claims about tread separation.

    “We have not found the faults cited by FTS,” said Hangzhou Zhongce officials in a written statement. “We believe this is merely an effort by FTS Co. to stir up a fuss due to this lawsuit.”

    “FTS said it became concerned about Hangzhou tires in October 2005 amid an increase in warranty claims and began talks with the Chinese company, and then commissioned its own tests.

    “FTS was sued in Philadelphia on May 4 by the families of two men killed when a van they were riding in crashed last year. Also suing are the driver and passenger in the van, which the lawsuits say had Hangzhou tires.”

    As expected, the Chinese manufacturer says there’s “nothing wrong” with their tires.

    China seizes tainted US food 06-27-2007

    “Chinese inspectors say they have seized shipments of orange pulp and dried apricots from the United States that contain excessive bacteria, mildew and sulfur dioxide.

    “A statement carried on the website of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine said the orange pulp was supplied by Modern Skill Co., Ltd. and the dried apricots were supplied by the Mariani Packing Company, Inc.

    “The orange pulp was seized in East China’s Shandong Province, while the dried apricots arrived in Shenzhen in South China’s Guangdong Province.”

    And, also, as expected, there’s “something wrong” with the orange pulp and dried apricots from the US.

    U.S. Needs to Help China Through its Rough Times: Advisor
    CNBC June 27, 2007

    “International concerns over China’s food safety problems have increased, though one advisor said the U.S. must still look after its trading partner.

    “”China is a natural ally of the United States. We should not make it otherwise,” Robert Kuhn, senior advisor at Citigroup said on “Power Lunch.” He added that China is using its own media to make improvements by disclosing food inspectors’ complaints that industrial chemicals are being used in several Chinese food products, including candy, pickles, and seafood.

    “”We have to help China become a responsible and a leading country in the world,” Kuhn said.

    “However, Peter Navarro, a business professor at the University of California and author of “The Coming China Wars,” is unwilling to pay higher taxes so regulators can oversee Chinese operations. This would offset the savings from cheap Chinese imports, he said.

    “Navarro believes pressure on China through media coverage is a step in the right direction, though he said food and product safety must be high on the Chinese government’s list as well.

    “”It has to begin with the Chinese,” he said.

    Why don’t we solve this by our keeping the products we produce and China keeping those they produce? I’m with Peter Navarro on this–not willing to pay higher taxes to fix what’s broken there; have seen estimates that it will take $100 billion to do that. Not when we can fix the problem in an easier, safer and cheaper way–stop bringing the products in.

  8. thomas says:

    Are Robert Kuhn’s statements in any way connected to Citigruops investments in China ? Are they going to effected fiancially if trade with China is halted????

  9. menusux says:


    It would seem that Kuhn’s statements as a Citigroup employee have to be connected to their investments there. It would also follow that it would be in the best interests of Citigroup for everyone else to help foot this astronomical bill. Otherwise I doubt that he would be making the statement that we all need to pull together and help poor China.

  10. YaYa says:

    This is an Off topic Recall.
    Tho it Does involve product from China :-(

    I don’t have all of the companies that are or Will Be involved but there has been a Recall started for Radial Tires made in China.
    Many brand names we know invoved. And the list is to expand over the Next week or so.

    The HangZou rubber company of China is where these are all made.
    They left out a protion of these tires that cost only 10 bucks or so.

    Geees I think the only “american made” tire left is Cooper.
    I don’t have the Start Recall list yet. Just heard it while working here. Check the new or news channels tonite.

    Also there has been a major Power Outage in NYC. Might have been caused by Lightening. Upper East side. Its really hot there today too.

  11. thomas says:

    Mensux You are so right . Let these companys bail each others bottom line out as the rest of us aren’t going to help them make a profit from goods made in China!!!

  12. thomas says:

    Menusux I’m sorry I spelled your name wrong!

  13. HighNote says:

    Why don’t we take that money that they want to use to help China improve their products and put it in our own FDA, etc. Then we would be a lot safer! after all the FDA only checks one percent of China’s imports!
    I am happy to here that China is trying to improve but I wonder if it is only a big show.
    So far each time someone has a problem with one of China’s imports, China says they are not at fault. Bad tires! Well it is one of your manufacturers China, Products used in pet food, anti freeze in cough syrup and toothpaste, bacteria in fish, these are all your manufacturers China and your manufacturers should be held responsible for saling bad products that can harm people. If you do not clean up your act soon then no country will be able to trust any of your products ever. It is very hard to trust any manufacturer when there have been deaths involved in useing their products. I am not sure if it is ever possible to gain trust after that.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Too little too late. We should all boycott the Chinese Olympics as well as every product made in China.

  15. HighNote says:

    So now this China company has put this American tire business out of business too. Will there be business left made in America? China with their low prices have put a lot of American businesses under. As an Amercian I don not want to depend on China for all of our needs! I do not want to have to depend on any country for all our needs!!
    I have always put my trust in America and now I do not feel it is my country at all. But a foreign country only with the name USA. Nothing against the people that want to come here and live. But dang it learn English and above all buy from America so we can become the great country we once were and not have to depend on foreign trade.

  16. Trudy Jackson says:

    Trust China? they only run over kids with tanks, and have nukes and all. But that’s OK, they have all our business too.
    The Big Ford plant is closing in Norfolk Va. tomorrow. So many people will be out of work.
    And they’ll make sure We don’t see their dirt when the Olypics are there.
    I say- boycott China and Boycott the Olimpics.

  17. DMS says:

    I think greedy American companies put America out of business. The Chinese are not to blame for that. American big business goes wherever labor is the cheapest and environmental and labor laws are the laxest. Our government should not allow American corporations to treat other countries’ citizens or environment any worse than they are required to treat their own. Then maybe it would be cheaper to stay here. Where is their loyalty?

  18. Trudy Jackson says:

    This is very interesting-

  19. Krista says:

    Canada involved too (per your link above)

    Recalled Hershey chocolate sold in Lindsay

    Jason Bain / Lindsay Post Reporter
    Local News - Tuesday, June 19, 2007 @ 09:00

    Police are investigating whether or not recalled chocolate found for sale in Lindsay June 15 are linked with possibly contaminated products confiscated three days earlier in Toronto.;classif=

  20. HighNote says:

    Trudy thanks for the article! At least the CPA is trying to do something about all these tainted products ending up in our country.. It as pretty scary to read!
    So many things that Americans eat on a daily basis and only one percent of them checked at our ports. This of course means we are eating these tainted products and our government does not seem to care enough about its people to have deaths from poisonness food. Makes me not want to eat and afraid about everything I eat!

  21. Trudy Jackson says:

    I just hate to go grocery shopping anymore. I soend such a long time and come home without much at all.

  22. PMM says:

    Hi Everyone, I am a new member who lost my two beloved Shelties to the poison food, and am fighting to save my two kitties and one little doggy I have left. I read everything here, but have not posted. But, I had to reply here. This thread is very good. You are reaching the heart of it. The US raises more then enough wheat to supply the entire country. But, our wheat brings very high prices out of country. For years the US has sold our wheat out of country, for huge profits. The lesser quality wheat, at a much reduced price, from other countries, such as China, is then purchased by US companies for use in our products.The profit margins are huge. The fact that it is inferior means nothing to these companies. That unfortunately, is what big business in the US is all about. Money. I am sure there are many products that this is done with, but I only have first hand knowledge about the wheat, so I cannot comment on anything else.
    I hear what Trudy Jackson is saying. I go through the same thing. Shopping for my darlings, and for myself has become a horror. What can you trust? i to spend hours, and come home with very little.
    I am so frustrated by the way the pet food issue is being hushed up by the FDA and the pet food companies.
    Seven months after I lost my Shelties, I adopted a special needs little doggy from a rescue. Fixed income or not, I took her to the upscale pet food store to make sure I bought a guaranteed ’safe’ food. Right. I purchased one of the supposedly finest brands on the market. Do you have any idea what eating shredded plastic does to a 7 lb Pomeranian with a throat maybe an inch wide?? Forget what the pieces she swallowed did to her insides, and how sick she was from it. (the current issues are from a different food) I e-mailed the company and asked for a direct contact person, as opposed to an answering device to discuss the issue. I received a prompt reply by e-mail. They wanted photos of the artifacts, (I found two different things in two separate cans). Also the numbers, etc. I would gladly have sent what they asked, but they added a PS, that told me not to waste my time. As a PS, (a complete after thought on their part), they said they would send me a certificate for a free case of any of their food I wanted, after they received the information. If my dog had died, what would they send then? Like I would ever feed their food again. They just did not get the message. They hoped I would be happy with the free food and just go away. I still have everything, including six unopened cans with the same lot numbers, and will have it tested independently. I see no use in dealing with the companies. Even if poison is found, that does not mean it gets recalled or even that the public is given the names.
    I thank each and every one of you who are here. Icthmo is all that is getting me through all of this right now. If I have posted anything I shouldn’t have, about anything, I apologize. I am still not quite sure of the rules.
    To all of you, Thank You for caring and loving your treasurers so much.
    PMM (Pixie, MyMy, & Mari)
    (and Mum;) Eve
    PS: I am speechless about the $2.00 coupon! That is the end all!

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