China’s Ex-Food And Drug Chief Executed

China executed the former chief food and drug regulator on Tuesday. The ex-chief accepted bribes and gifts worth more than $850,000 when he was the head of the food and drug administration. The agency also approved six types of fake medicine during his tenure.

The Supreme People’s Court said that the acts of the former chief “undermined the efficiency of China’s drug monitoring and supervision, endangered public life and health and has had a very negative social impact.”

The deputy policy director of the State Food and Drug Administration has stated that this corruption has brought great shame to the nation and that they must improve their processes and procedures to protect the safety of the public.


(Thanks Susan)

5 Responses to “China’s Ex-Food And Drug Chief Executed”

  1. Donna says:

    We in the U.S. should apply the same policy.Good way to stop upper level corruption. Let’s start at the TOP and clean house !

  2. Sharon says:

    The FDA and the Bush administration has brought great shame upon the United States. If they executed US politicians who took money from special interests that they were supposed to be regulating everyone in Washington would be dead!

  3. gatorfan says:

    Sharon, great way to enforce term limits. You and Donna are so correct. However, this could NEVER be applied in the US as the 20 year process of appeals must be honored. We would have to outlaw the ACLU for starters. However this administration would simply apply the “scooter” rule, and all prison sentences would be negated, they would pay $1.49 in fines, and bemoan probation, to which they would be released from that also. As the FDA is one of the most worthless entities in this govt., I am curious as to how much money Menu, Purina, Mars, P and G etc have donated to our politicians. Not pet food related, but the current line of Bull concerns counterfeit toothpaste. It is everywhere, but only 3 states have acknowledged it. Three weeks ago the FDA said none of the bogus product had gotten into the states. I cant say more, but please, while worrying about our pets, yes I have 5 cats and worry everytime I purchase ANYTHING - worry about your toothpaste also. Sorry, I am rambling. But thank you for listening.

  4. Doug says:

    Jail time for corporate types in this country would be a great start towards honesty in the business world but this execution is just a gross PR move by China The companies that paid the bribes got off scot-free as far as I know.

  5. E. Hamilton says:

    Laws can be changed, elected officials can be voted OUT and all 435 congressmen are up for re-election next year, and so are 34 of the senators.

    Heads on a stick AND seizure of all assets, including assets of family members who have received the ill gotten gains is a place to start!

    If the law does not apply to everyone then it applies to NO ONE!

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