Chinese Supplier May Have Been Shopping for Melamine

Xuzhou Anying continues to deny being involved in the recalled wheat gluten, but now, the IHT is reporting that the Chinese company sought out melamine. Management says one thing, employees are verifying US reports:

In recent months, Xuzhou Anying appears to have posted several requests on online trading sites seeking to purchase large quantities of melamine.

In one March 29 posting on a trading site operated by, a Chinese Web site, people who said they were with Xuzhou Anying wrote: “Our company buys large quantities of melamine scrap all year around.”

There were also postings on several other online trading sites, like


Despite Xuzhou Anying statements, workers in the area say the company does manufacture gluten. A truck driver who was resting Tuesday across the street from the company’s main office said Xuzhou Anying had manufacturing facilities and that he trucked goods for the company.

The Chinese media is also kept out in the dark, leaving open the possibility of wheat gluten toxins in the Chinese food supply.

“I didn’t know this news about Xuzhou Anying,” said Li Ning, director of the news department at City Morning Post, a daily newspaper in Xuzhou. “And even if we had heard about the news we wouldn’t be able to report on it because it’s negative news.”

9 Responses to “Chinese Supplier May Have Been Shopping for Melamine”

  1. Nikki says:

    Hmm. I find it just a little bit curious that the “smoking gun” as it were, the March 29th posting by someone claiming to be with Xuzhou Anying, appeared just one day before the FDA’s scheduled press conference to announce the finding of melamine. Now, had the postings appeared back in December or November of 2006, or any time BEFORE the FDA knew of melamine’s presence in the food, then I would find this information more convincing. As it stands, the March 29th posting is just too close in concert with the FDA’s press conference on the 30th — anyone from, say, Menu Foods, ChemNutra, the FDA or even just some prankster who had inside info — could have posted such a message claiming to be with Xuzhou Anying. I’m not defending the Chinese supplier, but the information cited in this article is meaningless without some sort of confirmation that the poster was indeed an employee or representative of Xuzhou Anying.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How many other companies that produce feed and food grade products have been buying melamine?

  3. Louie says:

    Hey FDA,

    You might get in touch with EPA and tell them to stop using the Federal Register to tell the WHOLE WORLD that we just reduced the allowable levels for contaminants. Is there any way this has been going on since 1999 when WHO apparently convinced you that we didn’t need to test for MELAMINE?

    I don’t sit down and read the FEDERAL REGISTER every day, so I may have missed a trick or two since then.

    When you lower the standards like that, does anyone think about what are the effects after 8 or 10 years?

    Didn’t think so.

    At today’s hearing, I don’t want to hear that you guys need more money - what you guys need is to be fired.

    Give us the money, and we’ll test the pet food.

  4. bob Morgan says:

    Solution is simple; Stop buying ANYTHING made in or with Chinese components. 3 months or less and the chinese will take greater care.

  5. Martin says:

    Stop buying from foreign countries PERIOD!!!!!!

    do they buy from us???? I dont think so

  6. Martin says:

    One more thought here,…

    Why is it that we have not heard from President Bush about this issue? I have yet to hear him say one thing about it.

    He usually has a comment or two when it comes to a disaster in the US. This in my opinion along with many other pet owners is a disaster.

    I’m not a Bush basher,….but quite honestly folks,…Mr. Bush is the one who opened up the trade from China to the US. I sure would like to hear his comments about this and if he intends to change this friendly trade that he allowed. We should have kept the doors shut!!!

  7. Martin says:

    Just info found on the web…
    CBS) Taking the final step to normalize U.S.-Chinese trade ties, President Bush Thursday signed a proclamation formally granting China permanent normal trading relations, the White House said.

    Bush’s action, a formality that follows more than a decade negotiations, will allow China as of Jan. 1, 2002 to ship its goods to the United States at the same low-tariff levels that Washington extends to nearly all other nations.

    The White House said Bush also ended the application of the Jackson-Vanik provisions, which require communist nations to show they do not restrict emigration before they can have normal trading relations with the United States, to China.

    “This is the final step in normalizing U.S.-China trade relations and in welcoming China into a global, rules-based trading system,” the White House said in a statement released in Crawford, Texas, where Bush is on vacation at his ranch.

    Bush also highlighted the agreement’s economic benefits.
    Also, China must cut industrial tariffs and allow more imports of wheat, corn and other agricultural products, perhaps creating new markets for U.S. farmers.

  8. 5CatMom says:


    Thanks. Did you see the stuff from MENUSUX? It’s under one of the headlines, don’t remember which one.

    Someone (and that’s all of US need to notify authorities).

  9. martin says:


    No I didnt see it. Is it on Itchmo?

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