Chinese Wheat Gluten Continues To Be Refused After Pet Food Recalls

Numerous Chinese wheat gluten shipments continue to be refused entry into the United States after the pet food recalls began in March.

The FDA said 27 of 135 shipments of Chinese wheat gluten were refused between April 24 and July 26. 52 shipments passed, while 56 are waiting to be reviewed. Since April, importers of Chinese wheat gluten must prove that their shipments have been tested to be free of melamine.

It is not specified in the FDA data if melamine was present in any of the shipments that were refused. Some are rejected because importers do not submit lab tests to show that their wheat gluten is melamine free. Other shipments are also refused by the FDA because private labs are so bogged down with work and testing, and then lab results do not always get to the FDA in time for the shipment to be accepted.

The demand for Chinese wheat gluten has decreased since the recalls. Both Menu Foods and Nestle Purina PetCare said they no longer use wheat gluten from China.

Prices for wheat gluten have increased 30% since the recall because of higher wheat prices and more of a demand for US and European gluten. Typically, Chinese wheat gluten is cheaper.

Before the recall, Chinese gluten made up 10% of the gluten market in the US.

The increase of prices in wheat gluten have affected some product prices. Sara Lee raised their prices on various bakery products because of higher wheat gluten costs.

Source: USA Today

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7 Responses to “Chinese Wheat Gluten Continues To Be Refused After Pet Food Recalls”

  1. highnote says:

    So are they saying that they have to submit lab test on their own before the FDA will okay a shipment? That is sort of scary since I would think that they could forge some of these tests. I thought the FDA was doing all the checking and now I hear that they have to have their own lab tests. Well I would wonder if they have a good enough lab to do the test too since it seems we have trouble finding things in our own labs when they tests things.
    And if they are only suppose to test for melamine.. what about other things that could be in a product to harm pets?

  2. Carol says:

    I would be much happier with 135 shipments refused not just 27. Once bitten– twice shy!

  3. Skittles says:

    I hope “refused” means refused as we know it since “detained” does not mean detained as we know it. Detained without physical examination does not mean detained, it means the goods are delivered to the importer. The importer then has to contract with a private lab, which the FDA does not oversee, does not license and does not audit. After 5 ok tests from one of these unlicensed, unaudited labs, that exporter is cleared and taken off the detained list. This info starts at about 1:00 on Media player. Hear it here:

  4. Mrs. P. says:

    And why would I believe a piece of paper that says melamine free? The wheat flour originally came into the country with a certificate of purity. That was the reason for MF and CN whining “I’m a victim.” The DEG went to Panama with a certificate of purity. I remembering reading during one of the liveblogs that the FDA accepts results from uncertified labs. IMO the FDA is doing business as usual, as are the corporations ordering this crap. It doesn’t matter that the customers don’t want it. I am sick of the “Father Knows Best” attitude.

  5. purringfur says:

    I’m with you, Mrs.P.

    Are prices rising because companies now know that they have to have more ACTUAL wheat gluten in their foods, instead of the pseudo-spiked protein garbage fillers? Didn’t the Chinese say they regularly used melamine in bakery items, frostings?

    I just saw a CNN show on a couple of nights ago in the wee hours of the morning, and the person interviewed (a chef of simple foods - wish I knew his name) said that the food industry’s job in making convenient ready-made meals is to FIND SUBSTITUTIONS FOR REAL INGREDIENTS to make prepared dishes smoother, easier to mix, bind with other ingredients, prolong shelf life, more appealing to the eye, etc. So, we have softer, fluffier, more colorful, better textured foods…. due to additives, partial foods, wastes, and chemicals, and colorings… What we end up with in eating prepared foods is FAR REMOVED FROM REAL INGREDIENTS. Of course, the bottom line is saving money by NOT using REAL ingredients.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like a good scam to me, afterall, how do we prove country of origin without mandatory labeling requirements?:

    “The increase of prices in wheat gluten have affected some product prices. Sara Lee raised their prices on various bakery products because of higher wheat gluten costs.

  7. h2osunsand says:

    has there been a class action lawsuit filed over the tainted pet foods? my daughter has spent thousnads of dollars to ‘heal’ her cats.

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