City Pays $210,000 To Couple Whose Dog Was Shot By Police

The city of Richmond, CA has agreed to pay a couple $210,000 for the death of their pit bull, Blu. In 2005, two police officers shot Blu 12 times when they were trying to follow a drug suspect. The officers said that Blu attacked them when they opened the gate to Blu’s yard to pursue the suspect, but Blu’s owners said that Blu was just hopping around excitedly and not trying to attack. When Blu’s owner went up to the police officers to ask them why they shot his dog, they “pointed their guns at him, kicked and punched him and threw him to the ground,” and he was arrested but no charges were filed.

Blu’s owners decided to file suit and said the officers had insufficient reason to shoot Blu and nothing was done by police officers internally to investigate the death of their dog. The Richmond City Council decided to settle and pay Blu’s owners $210,000.

The Richmond Police Chief apologized to the couple and the police department has gone through extensive training on when police officers can use force on dogs and how to deal with dogs in general.

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7 Responses to “City Pays $210,000 To Couple Whose Dog Was Shot By Police”

  1. Monika says:

    Arrgh. I would raise holy hell and probably get shot on the spot myself if this were to happen to my dogs in my yard. All this for a drug suspect? Yet another reason to decriminalize most drug crimes. There are so many needless high speed chases as well (that usually end up with the suspect fleeing on foot through yards) that also post great danger to pedestrians and other drivers. Police officers must just get in this zone that they then shoot anything in their way - innocent people and even dogs. I think this is the second time I’ve read that an innocent dog has been shot by officers nevermind the countless innocent people. It just makes me really hate cops and put great fear in me when they’re around as they’ve done too many stupid things to innocent people. Go ahead and bash me for bashing on cops but the behavior they used as described in the article above with Blu and his owner (!) really doesn’t solicit anything but disgust.

  2. Kathy says:

    These are the people we pay to keep us safe……

  3. Monika says:

    Just did a quick google search of “cop shoots innocent dog” and my god the amount of articles spanning all different years and areas of the country came us. Here are some more from just this month (yes, just from May 2007 alone!!)

    German Shephard - Max

    Pit Bull - Cheech,

    Choc. Lab - Lucky Boy

    a summary of some other shooting through the years:

    I think we have an epidemic on our hands. And in none of these stories was the dog ever any danger to the cop. In one case, it wasn’t even the cops first dog shooting. Nice.

  4. Susan says:

    One of my cats is a rescue. He and his brother lived with an old man who died. A neighbor called the cops because they hadn’t seen the old guy. The cops found the body and threw the two housecats out. One was almost immediately hit by a car and killed. The other I took in. These were “well-trained” state police that did this, not town cops. We have two nearby shelters that would have taken these cats in. The Staties now deny this ever happened.

  5. Sindawe says:

    I’m not surprised by the plethora of cops shooting dogs. On one of the forums I’m a member of we routinely discuss the issue, with plenty of cop apologists coming to the defense of cops in even blatantly bad shootings.

    Susan: Very sad, its a good think I did not see something like that. While I like dogs, I favor cats and all rationality goes right out the window when it comes to cats. See such, I’d be inclined to [REDACTED BY ADMIN]

  6. petslave says:

    this does not surprise me & tells of things to come on a larger scale. read what they did in New Orleans after Katrina, it will make you sick:

  7. animal saver says:

    I think the two cops who shoot the dog should be in jail

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