CNN’s Coverage of Wheat Gluten Source

CNN will feature additional news on the source of the wheat gluten in China. The segment will air on Anderson Cooper 360 tonight at 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific. Set your TIVOs.

Before you watch AC360, you can watch a preview of the Chinese supplier online.

And after AC360, listen to Christie Keith and yours truly on KIRO 710 Newsradio.

At this rate, we’re gonna start a 24/7 pet news channel. Hmm…

Thanks Pet Connection.

2 Responses to “CNN’s Coverage of Wheat Gluten Source”

  1. Jonathan says:

    I am glad Anderson is doing it tonight.

    Lou Dobbs today announced the reported Oregon Deaths and said the toll will be much hicher than what the FDA is telling us.

    I am keeping an eye out for the transcripts.

  2. Gina Spadafori says:

    Hmmmm, indeed. PNN — Pet News Network. Fur and Balanced.

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