Cocaine-Poisoned Dog Struggles To Survive

DogCookie, a two-year-old jindo mix, is a survivor.

She almost died from exposure to cocaine, and she is safe now, but she still has a long road ahead of her because her prognosis is not good.

Cookie, whose original name was Cocaine III, was brought to an animal shelter by animal control officers. When she first arrived, she didn’t even have the strength to lift her head.

But the veterinarian at the shelter said, “She looked like she had no energy whatsoever, yet she wagged her tail when I said ‘Hi’ to her. Then I thought, ‘This dog is going to make it. She has the spirit.’”

The county picked up Cookie’s $3,500 vet bill and her former owner has been ordered to pay restitution.

Cookie is now in a loving home, but the cocaine completely destroyed her nervous system and her condition continues to deteriorate.

It is unclear if cocaine was given to Cookie or if she found it. Tests showed cocaine in her urine, but the amount ingested could not be determined.

Now Cookie has to wear a diaper because of incontinence. She only weighs 27 pounds (on average healthy females weigh 30 to 40 pounds), and her bark is more like a whisper.

“She’s losing muscle tone even though she’s eating,” said her new owner. She and her husband have remained anonymous because they fear that Cookie’s former owner is looking for Cookie.

Even though Cookie is weak, her owners said that she still tries to be protective and doesn’t know that she is not physically able to do a lot.

Her owner added, “If Cookie could say anything, I guess she would say, ‘Don’t do drugs.’”

Cookie’s case has led animal control officers to investigate past cases and be aware of possible drug exposure situations.

Source: Grand Rapids Press

14 Responses to “Cocaine-Poisoned Dog Struggles To Survive”

  1. Sharon says:

    Whoever did this to her deserves the death penalty.

  2. Carolyn & Maggie says:

    People never cease to amaze me — I am amazed day to day reading about the cruelty and thoughtlessness people are capable of with animals. I hope that Cookie will continue to recover — I am so glad she has found new people to care for her.

  3. G in INdiana says:

    She was most likely used as a transport method, since dogs are now used as well as people. I would bet dollars to donuts a bag of cocaine burst inside her and her system absorbed a huge quantity of it. A “normal”dose or even long term small dosage exposure does not do this.

  4. Robert Davis says:

    This is such a horrible thing for people to do to dogs. I hope Cookie will recover - her spirit seems high and sometimes it takes that to get through.

    My prayers are with Cookie and her new family.

    Robert Davis

  5. Kim says:

    Welcome to your new loving home Cookie, I hope you never remember the scum that had you before and that you FULLY recover. People are routing and praying for you all across the country to get better fast!!! Your friends, Americas and Lady Dog are sending you lots of love from Washington State.
    Love will get you through this, you sweet precious Cookie!!

  6. says:

    May Cookies will to live be the Miracle that she needs to get thru this storm. We send you love and energy!
    Cheryl and Ishka

  7. The Lioness says:

    This is horrible. Her abusers need to be jailed, AT THE VERY least!

    I don’t get how people can do this to animals!

    May she recover fully and be able to enjoy her new forever home!

    ~The Lioness

  8. Denise says:

    G in Indiana I think you have it right. sharon I totally agree with you. we have got to be stricter on the laws when it comes to animals. I think they are looked at as property. every animal I have met have feelings and they love. I was thinking exactly what Sharon was thinking. It is just horrible that there are such horrible bad people out there. they have destroyed the quality of this poor sweet dogs life. what’s left. I hope they never see the light of day again. Yes the death penalty is perfect because I don’t want to ever see or live next to or ever beleive that a person like this exist.

  9. mittens says:

    as previously stated dogs, like people, are a popular method of drug transportation through getting the drugs inside the body to be removed later. there are humans who have died from baggies of drugs breaking inside them. sometimes with dogs they simply slice the stomach open to get the stash. it’s among the viler forms of exploitation used by drug dealers. i recall few cases of people leaving the amount of coke lying about unattended that could cause this sort of damage- in all likelihood the dog was a mule.

    completely repulsive. human greed knows no shame and no bounds.

  10. KAEfamily says:

    We humans are the HIGHEST form of intelligence in the animal kingdom. The problem is when our intelligence is misused we become the lowest form.

  11. Jaime Smith says:

    This story and the comments posted just made me cry. What in the h**l would make someone do that to a dog I abdolutely cannot fathom. The lowest of the low, people who are poor excuses for human beings. I am so glad Cookie is in a loving home getting lots of cuddles. Seems her spirit is still in tact and as long as she is showed how loving REAL people can be, she will conquer her health ills. Cookie- I am sending love and woofs from Cleveland, Ohio. My Ark here is supporting you in your recovery and we will be inlcuding you in our nightly prayers (as well as your family of course).

  12. Velvet's Dad says:

    So tragic. Especially to such a good-natured creature as Cookie. The utter baseness of some “humans” still shocks me even after all these years.

  13. Anonymous says:

    digusting mutant pervert azzhls

  14. Arianne says:

    People who abuse animals should get the death penality. This is just sick… Cookie, get better!

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