Congressional Hearing Announced by Senator Durbin on Pet Food Deaths

Senator Durbin (D-IL) announced that he will “hold an oversight hearing on the investigation and regulatory mechanisms that govern the pet food industry” at the Wicker Park press conference in Chicago. You can watch it here.

More from the Chicago Tribune article:

During a press conference today in Wicker Park, Durbin (D-Ill.) said the role of the Food and Drug Administration needs to be expanded to prevent future threats to humans and animals, and to penalize companies that delay reporting health issues.

“The FDA is like a fire department that is only called after the house is burned down,” Durbin said. “We have to change that system.”

Durbin added that the FDA needs to establish a standardized set of regulations and inspection requirements to replace the patchwork of state inspection systems currently in place.

Durbin also said a centralized Web site needs to be created to allow better communication between consumers, veterinarians and the federal government.

“To wait for this information to make it back to Washington and back to consumers is unacceptable,” he said. He said the Senate hearing will be held shortly after the body returns from recess next week.

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5 Responses to “Congressional Hearing Announced by Senator Durbin on Pet Food Deaths”

  1. Lynn says:

    The Hearings can’t happen too soon.

  2. Debbie says:

    Hearings? That’s all it will be…nothing but long, drawn-out “hearings” until they come to a quagmire. We need ACTION NOW, not jibber jabber!

  3. Janet Figliuolo says:

    my rottie died, kidneys failed couldn’t urinate, prostate was enlarged,was thristy,vomiting,couldn’t eat, had no strength to stand, lost sight in one eye, was very out there you would say when you called or talked to him he acted as if he couldn’t hear, he was just there. the vet said he had heart worms but i’ve seen heart worms attack a many a dog and this wasn’t heartworms alone. this happened suddenly, he had no signs of heartworms at home. he tried so hard to fight this. he would just lay there, eyes would roll back in head and he was so weak. we had to make him urinate his bladder was so full, so if you notice your pet not going to the bathroom take and press lightly into his stomach area from both sides and find his bladder pressing like getting a massage will help him urinate, thats what the vet did with mine but be gentle for he is in pain, but be sure to take him to the vet.finally had to put a tube in for him to urinate. i think he would have died sooner but i cryed over him for several hours and begged him not to give up, but as time past i saw that he was suffering to much and the vet wasn’t doing him any good. so i had to put him to sleep. i think any dog that has become sick within this period his owner should be acknowledged, any bills, and and should be paid for the pain and suffering they had to go thru and i can’t imagne the pain and suffering the anilmals are going thru. you just have to see it in there eyes to know what i’m talking about and if your pet who died like mine did you know the pain it’s like watching a helpless child. and having to watch your dog be put to sleep is not pretty and then having to transport an dead love one in your back seat until you get home and then having to dig his grave and thinking somewhere in the back of your mind god is there something i missed could i have saved him some how . he was my best friend, my right arm he was my protection my blanket as a child would say. so owners beware keep close eyes on your loved ones for if we don’t no one else will, MAY HE REST IN PEACE. THESE COMPANIES SHOULD BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL PETS DEATHS WITH THIS PROBLEM

  4. Lisa Laurro says:

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  5. cinnamon76 says:

    What about people food! We eat alot of the same stuff, especially wheat gluten. Our poor furry friends could be toxic canaries. The FDA need to inspect all food that comes in!

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