Consumer Affairs Skeptical Of Rawhide Dog Chew Company In India

Rex is casting doubt over a company in India that “introduces itself as a manufacturer and exporter of Rawhide Dog Chew products.”

They received an e-mail solicitation from Rex International, a company based in Kanpur, India, which touts itself to be a global name in dog food and chew products and has “the best infrastructure and technically vibrant workmanship that makes us (the) preferable supplier of many European Companies.”

The email urges U.S. businesses to become distributors of its rawhide dog chew products that include sticks, ear, bones, and chips.

The company also stated in their email that they guarantee the quality of their products and ensure a quick shipment time. tried to contact Rex International and ask how the company manufactures its treats, information about quality control procedures, the cost of items, and other general questions. But Rex International did not reply to

U.S. makers of rawhide products said they had never heard of the company. They warned pet owners about buying products from overseas and companies that weren’t responsive. They added that rawhide is not regulated in many countries. The makers said some countries use arsenic-based products as preservatives and bleaching chemicals in the white rawhide dog treats. recommends to be cautious of any email solicitations from this company or to stay informed and do research before engaging in any business with Rex International.


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20 Responses to “Consumer Affairs Skeptical Of Rawhide Dog Chew Company In India”

  1. nora says:

    Sounds like China has set up shop somewhere else to be undetected and spew more poison for pet food worldwide. NO WAY will I purchase any of it, ever.

  2. menusux says:

    All I’ve found on this company so far is the article above and their website link. They’ve never been refused at FDA OASIS nor are they on the detain without examination rawhide/treats list where we found Pingyang/Bestro. Am still in doubt because there’s so little on them–good or bad.

    BTW, there are more companies on that FDA detain list–and all those on it are not in China:

    You need to read plenty of fine print when buying things like this. Many brands “hedge” the source of origin on their rawhides, giving you a list of all countries they deal with, so the rawhide in the package may come from any one of them. (Those go back on the shelf.)

    Also saw that Nylabone has come out with a product to compete with the Dingo (China-made) products. Since their other products are US-made (Edibles), I had a look at them when shopping. It took me about 5 minutes, because the origin is not very visible on the packages–it’s in ultra-small print on top of that–finally found “Made in China” and they went back on the shelf too.

    A company I know of who’s producing US-made rawhide products is:

    PetAg–click the “Outlet Store” to shop for these.

  3. Pukanuba says:

    menusux: Thanks for info on that company. My dog is an avid chewer & I feel the need to give her rawhide, especially when I leave her here alone.

    I just bought a bunch of pressed rawhide bones from a catalog of a company I have been ordering from for years……never thought to call & ask where their rawhide is made…….China. Now I have to call them & see what I need to do to send it all back. I refuse to throw any more stuff away.

    I have looked in every store & most all treats are made in China. Getting to be an exercise in futility (trying to get her safe treats made here).

  4. Carol says:

    When I took my pups to my vet for their first check up he stressed NOT to buy rawhide or chew things that are NOT made in the US—although that is getting harder to trust too IMO!

  5. menusux says:

    I’d like to have bumper stickers and/or cards printed up which say:

    “If it says “Made in China”, send it back there; I’m not buying it.”

  6. Jenny Bark says:

    Menusux, THANK YOU. I been trying to find rawhide made in America since March. My 1 boy misses his rawhide. I’ve been making jerky in a dehydrator but I can’t get it as hard as rawhide. I will order today, thanks again.

  7. menusux says:

    Another US company is Merrick. Know that some people have issues with them and in no way want to start a debate here. What I can say re: Merrick is that I have ordered rawhide products from them in the past and there was never a problem.

    Merrick Online Store

    Merrick gives everyone free shipping–the only “catch” is that your order must be at least $25.00. PetAg, above, has no minimum and you pay the shipping according to the dollar amount of your order.

    So now we have at least 2 known US sources of rawhide.

  8. Jenny Bark says:

    My vet told me to only get American unflavered, so i am going to get plain from petag. I am going to play around with my own chicken & beef broth and the oven or dehydrator. If it doesn’t work I think he will still be happy. My other babies don’t miss there rawhide but my boy goes to the cupboard every day looking for his. Thanks again Menusux, a big hug sent your way.

  9. menusux says:


    Gratefully accepted and right back atcha! Right now I have a family member back in hospital and another who needs to take her dog to the vet–asked her to go in with him because it may be a chicken jerky related problem. AFAIK, she was NOT using Bestro/Pingyang, but another brand which has illness reports and some controversy around it also.

    Think what might be good here is for me to do more “gathering” and post it on the Forum thread about these; there are more than Bestro/Pingyang chicken breast/chicken jerky treats coming from China and other places which are on the FDA detain because of possible salmonella list.

  10. Jenny Bark says:

    i’ll say a pray for all of you. I believe we haven’t even started in all the problems we are going to have from food. I hope i’m wrong.

  11. Moonbeams says:

    I hesitate to give my dog’s the rawhide chews or the pigs ears - I’ve heard too many horror stories and of course the China thing is a big concern, but still these chews may not digest in the dogs like we want and that worries me - and I know the “greenies” are bad - so I let them chew on the “ropes” and on very hard rubber balls and kongs etc but no “rawhide”.

  12. deej says:

    my feral boy who sailed through the recalls by not touching the treats and canned foods that the elderly girl scarfed down is suddenly leaving crumbs in his bowl (completely unheard of) - this is only with the new bag.

    We are going to stop all chicken based foods for a while - we’re feeding felidae and canidae - will look for a good lamb and rice food…

    Wondering if others are starting to see any problems?

  13. Krista says:

    Oh my… I’ve never seen this one as a pet chew.. On the FDA detain list.


    Firm Name and Address DWPE Date Product

    San Isidro Pets S.A. 2/16/05 Dried Steer Penis
    Lavalle 353, 5th Floor Pet Chews
    Buenos Aires 72B[][]99, 72E[][]99
    FEI# 3004468421

  14. Moonbeams says:

    Oh my digusting!

  15. menusux says:


    The polite name for this is a bully stick–think some call them pizzle too. These have had issues time and again with bacteria, no matter where they might be from, so they’ve never been allowed in the house.

    Not because of what it is, but because they’ve had too many problems with bacteria.

  16. Krista says:

    Menu -

    Never ceases to amaze me that I learn new things everyday!!! Bully’s and pizzles!!!

    Can we have one big group>>> ewwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

  17. Moony says:

    This just occurred to me - has anyone ever tried to get raw hide from a local butcher, either as ge-haired strips for drying yourself, or as already dried rawhide treats? Seems to me it might be a good idea if you’re in a rural area.

    I’m glad I don’t have a dog to worry about anymore…died of heart failure after living most of his life with IBD a couple of years ago. At the end, the only treats he could have were Greenies, as the vegetable based Edibles from Nylabone had their formulas changed to where EVERYTHING had beef broth/flavoring in it. He was allergic to beef and chicken.

  18. Donna says:

    I am using kongs or ropes coated in peanut butter or cheese.Great fun for the dogs.

  19. Pukanuba says:

    I’m afraid I can’t use ropes in this house…….dog rips them apart & eats them. One of the bloggers almost lost his dog to one of these ropes…….big time blockage so no more ropes in this house.

    I know rawhide isn’t good but when you have a dog that rips apart every toy, I have to give her something that will last more than a minute or she’ll start on the furniture. I put some small organic cookies in her Kong but that game lasts less than a minute & she has all the treats……then she’s looking for something else. Hopefully, as she gets older, she won’t be such an avid chewer.

    menusux: I really appreciate those websites……going to order some rawhide today from one or the other……& send the rawhide from China back to the company that sent it to me. The sad part is this company is on the list of distributors for PetAg yet they sent me rawhide from China……well, they are getting it back & perhaps they can send me the good stuff from the good old US of A……

  20. straybaby says:

    Pukanuba, have you tried frozen kongs? they keep my girl busy for an hour or so. i sometimes stuff with meals, others just yogurt or broth.

    i’m afraid of the rope toys also as my dog enjoys pulling them apart string by string.

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