Controversial Vick T-Shirts Banned By Texas Tech

Vick ShirtTexas Tech has banned the sale of T-shirts that have caused controversy on the campus and led to many fans and students calling them tasteless.

The red and black shirts say “VICK ‘EM” on the front which is a reference to their rival, Texas A&M, and their slogan of “Gig ‘em”. The back of the shirt has a football player wearing a No. 7 Vick jersey holding a rope with Texas A&M’s dog mascot attached to it.

The shirts were created by a Texas Tech student who was trying to sell them before this Saturday’s game against Texas A&M.

Texas Tech officials have banned the sale of these T-shirts and added that they would not allow anything to be sold that was “derogatory, inflammatory, insensitive, or in such bad taste.” No more shirts are being produced.

The fraternity that was selling the shirts has been suspended temporarily and will face judicial review for allegedly violating the solicitation section of the students’ code of conduct.

About 300 shirts were sold to students before the university banned them.

The student that designed the shirt initially said he wanted to donate 50% of the proceeds to a local animal defense league “because we knew there would be a controversy about the shirts, you know, animal rights, stuff like that.”

The president of the university’s chapter of the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund said her organization would not take one dime from the T-shirt sales.

Source: USA Today

Photo: KCBD

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2 Responses to “Controversial Vick T-Shirts Banned By Texas Tech”

  1. nora and rufus says:

    Truly AWFUL shirts. And any student who bought them NEEDS a better education in more ways that one. Good for Texas Tech taking quick action.

  2. Lynn says:

    As much as I’d like to see Vick in prison for the rest of his life, I sure don’t advocate a t-shirt out there that sends mixed messages.

    A friend sent me the TMZ article, which had both front and back of the t-shirts displayed.

    Quite frankly when I looked at the shirt [before reading the TMZ article] my immediate impression was that it advocated hanging of dogs.

    If at the appropriate time someone comes up with a shirt that has a dog holding the leash to a miniature Vick, hung upside down and dangling……well, I’d buy it and wear it proudly. [I know, I’m becoming sadistic.]

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