Controversy Over High School Students Killing And Eating Raccoon In Class

Warning: This story may disturb some readers.

The killing, cooking, and eating of a baby raccoon during a class at Columbus High School in Columbus, Texas is causing a heated debate over if the act should be considered animal cruelty.

In a wildlife management class, students are encouraged to harvest and prepare wild animals to be cooked out back and eaten. The students are supposed to bring the animals in already dead.

But two students brought in a live raccoon, and the police chief said, “They started stepping and stomping on it, joking they’re tenderizing the animal.”

The superintendent of Columbus High School said a substitute teacher was in the class that day and didn’t know any better.

He stated, “And with the substitute teacher there, they in essence had permission to process the animal there. Regrettably that happened. It won’t happen again.”

No criminal charges will be pressed against the two students involved because most witnesses said the animal died quickly and suffering was minimal.

Students have had mixed feelings about the incident that happened in October. One student said, “Basically everybody knows how to skin something, what’s the difference between a raccoon and a squirrel.”

Another student said it was blatant animal cruelty.

The wildlife management class is part of a tradition at the high school, so students will know how to prepare food in the wild if they ever need to.

Source: KHOU

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  1. 2CatMom says:

    So tell us what you are doing! Then I’ll leave it alone.

  2. FromColumbus says:

    I find it very odd that there has been such media attention to this act involving the raccoon. There are many other issues that never even touch the news.

    What these boys did is wrong and I can assure everyone that the proper procedures for dealing with an incident like this are being done. These boys are being “guided by adults” and will “grow to be civilized”.

    On another note. Why is it that our town has been labled as a red-neck town or “uncivilized”? Our town and our school distric has been rated on the top of the list of places to live in Texas. Our “red-neck town” has the lowest crime rate in all the surrounding counties. My 7 year old son can walk home from school in the afternoon without worry of being kidnapped, molested or any other such crime. If the bigest thing that happens in our town is that a raccoon gets murrdered, I think I am pretty pleased with the overall wellbeing of our uncivilized town.

    I am not going to say that I agree with what happen to the raccoon. I am in fact very hurt that a human being could have such a lack of compassion. I hunt, along with everyone else in our family. Every year we hunt in almost every season there is. Deer, duck, hogs, goose. We do not however slaughter animals for fun.

    So before OUR TOWN gets labled a hick town I just want to say that I am proud to be from this HICK TOWN and I am proud to be from Texas. Those of you that are not ……………MOVE!

  3. 2CatMom says:

    Dear FromColumbus:

    Thank goodness! Someone finally steps up and says what happened is wrong. This is the response that would have expected from your town!

    I’m glad to hear the kids are getting help.

    To all of you posters from Columbus, just remember, people are responsible for their own behavior. You are not responsible for the bad acts of another unless you support or defend these acts. Having bad behavior labelled as such is not picking on someone, its calling them to be accountable for their actions. Having bad behavior labelled as such does not demean your town unless your town supports or defends these acts.

    “The function of wisdom is to discriminate between good and evil”. (Cicero)

    Here’s my Christmas wish for all the residents of Columbus, TX: Good health, much happiness, lots of wisdom and the courage to act for good in the New Year.

  4. Joy says:

    Seems like you just like to stir things up. Your little quotes will prove that. Our town is great without your advice, but I guess you think we need it. Many of the posts from Columbus said what they did was wrong, all we asked is that you stop being so critical and nosey about everything. I’m sure if we had the time to waste we could find a few issues not so glorious in your town! (We have a little more class then to go commenting about them on the internet, knowing that we probably don’t know the EXACT story and the latest going on with it) So I’d rather not see your silly posts about our town.

    P. S. We don’t need your Christmas wishes either! Save them for yourself!

  5. 2CatMom says:

    Hey Joy, you could find numerous things wrong in my town. Really Bad Things. But you won’t find me defending them. You’ll always find me out there speaking my mind when I see wanton cruelty. And you would be most welcome to comment and criticize them as well.

    I’m not sure how my ‘little quotes’ stir things up, the only thing I hope to stir up is your conscience. Looks like something hit pretty close to home for you.

    Your anger and defensiveness are really sad. You and your fellow Columbus bloggers really need all the Christmas wishes you can get. Merry Christmas!

  6. Youwontfindme says:

    I really hate this story. I’m from Columbus and the whole thing was blown completely out of proportion. Around here people eat some strange things. It’s weird maybe, but they werent friggin putting a hamster in a microwave or something stupid like that. What do you think happend to the animals that were dead before they were brought to class? My guess is that they were killed too. It was all overexaggerated by one dumb bitch who likes raccoons and all other animals and is basically part of a animal activist group. Basically she thinks animals should have more rights than humans. And I’m sorry but I know the girl and I can tell you shes not really that great of a person herself. She sleeps around with lots of guys and cheats on her boyfriends. Is that ok? I dont think so. Do i think that it was wrong for them to kill it in class? probably but it wasnt tortured. An animal that gets hung from a tree is tortured. Or if you hit one and its laying there squirming in the road. Thats torture. Breaking the animal’s neck is not. What do you think a slughterhouse does to cows and chickens? This story is so stupid. Not to mention that the reporters got the class wrong. It’s not a class about how to kill animals and harvest them. It’s about how to survive in the wilderness. Not to mention after this happend another kid hung a noose in the school. It wasnt a racist guesture or anything but why wasnt this reported? Where was the story about that? Why wasnt that reported? Why is it ok for everyone to be on birth control and sleep around with anyone? Today’s society makes me sick.

  7. Columbusresident says:

    I stumbled across this site and wanted to let people know I happen to live where this happened and am horrified by the terrible comments our students are leaving.
    1. The boys, and there were more then two of them, were not punished for the raccoon incident. I also know for a fact that they feel no remorse for it and think it was appropriate.
    2. This is not a survival class. The class was designed to have students learn about careers in wildlife- game wardens- park rangers.
    3. The kid’s comments make me ashamed to teach at this school. What happened to compassion?
    4. This is not the first animal to be killed in class. Perhaps that is why they don’t think it is a big deal. Rabbits and chickens that don’t make show have been killed. What in the world is going on? The TEKS need to be followed for that class.

  8. 2CatMom says:

    Youwontfindme: (like who’d want to) Oh so we have nooses in your school too. And we besmirch the reputation of someone who does the morally correct thing because she had the guts to point it out. My what a fine bunch of Christians you all our. Thank you for demonstrating what the true Christmas spirit is like in your town.

    ColumbusResident: I pray for the souls of your town’s children. If the comments by your students on this blog are at all representative of the beliefs of your student population in general, then you are raising a generation of sociopaths. But I sense you know this already. The parents of these kids don’t need to worry about falling standards due to secular humanist outsiders. They need to take a hard look at themselves and the values they are transmitting to their children. Christians, real Christians don’t behave this way.

  9. anothercolumbusresident says:

    I also pray for the kids- the school- the town. I am so shocked that the students are angry about the bad press. I would hope they are more angry about the behavior of the students and their condemnation of the person who reported the story. When you see a problem and refuse to correct it, you also become a part of the problem. I hope that some compassion will enter the lives and replace their misdirected anger. Yes, Columbus is nice- but it’s not without its problems. What place is? I’m not surprised that people are offended about the obnoxious behavior of some of our students. I only wish their parents would take a look at the anger spilling out of their mouths and address the real issues. I’m afraid it goes deeper than a helpless raccoon. I know I plan to be at the next school board meeting and see what I can do to help correct the problem. And for a student to say a noose wasn’t a racial issue really concerns me. Obviously, they do not know the connotation that a noose has and probably never will. Merry Christmas, 2 catmom. Sorry that you have had to listen to misguided opinions and faulty logic. Hopefully, that will change when the kids move away from this small town and see the beauty of diversity that exists in our world.

  10. 2CatMom says:

    And G-d bless you for having the courage to stand up for what’s right. I will say that I realize a lot of the comments are nothing more than high schooler bravado, but their inability to logically articulate their arguments makes me think that you need a debate club as much as you need 4H. Having to argue the side of an issue you don’t actually believe in is a wonderful way to expose kids to looking at issues from another point of view.

    When they get into the real world, do they really think “hey the noose wasn’t a racial thing” and then in the same sentence “why wasn’t a big deal made out of this” is really going to cut it? These kids seem to be operating at a pretty immature intellectual level for highschoolers. Hey if its not a racial thing, why would anyone make a big deal out of it?

    When I remember the kind of work I was doing in high school (reading Locke, and Shakespeare, analyzing Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience, learning differential calculus and baby quantum mechanics) it makes me realize how lucky I was to grow up in a community where a broad educational experience and critical thinking skills were highly valued.

    I have a feeling that most of your students will have limited exposure to the wider world, the local junior college or ag school maybe, and the few who do make it out won’t be back.

  11. columbus2houston says:

    ok..seriously..everybody let this go..especially catmom..what the hell is your problem..yeah i used to go to CHS and yes sometimes kids got off too easily, but the problem here is a few young-testerone driven boys were being a small town like columbus kids have to find things to do with their time, thankfully the kids havent turned to drugs and alcohol to pass the time..i now live in Houston and go to Lamar High School..well i’m alot more concerned for my fellow students here..the problems here are not killing a raccoon but the problem here is finding marijuana on students and kids in SAC snorting cocaine during class…so it comes down to this, smaller school=smaller problem.. please lay off the town of columbus, yes it is small and sometimes it can get narrow-minded, but i dont think i could have picked a better place to grow up..

  12. ctowngraduate says:

    wow….2catmom…are you high? do u have to believe everything the media says? when has the media ever blown anything out of proportion? im guessing u think never. i was in this class and saw everything. the girl that got upset about the raccoon had a raccoon herself, once this was all over she was forced to release then animal into the wild by the law. in her face for being a retard and try to be on a higher level than everything else. another thing, it wasnt stomped, it was hit once in the head and died instantly. how dare u call us names when you dont even know the story, who do you think you are? get off your high horse. i hope you fall in a hole..

  13. Anonymous says:

    the sub couldnt stop it because she was already crying because she loves animals she was too tramitized

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