Copycat Death Cat Named Buckwheat

BuckwheatLast week, we posted about Oscar, a cat who was able to predict a patient’s death. Now, a Seattle nursing home is saying that they have their own feline predictor of death.

Buckwheat, a ten-year-old tabby, is a familiar face at the Providence Mount St. Vincent nursing home. Nurses say that Buckwheat also has the mysterious power of being able to know when a resident is about to die. He also does his best to give the dying person comfort.

The cat will climb in bed with the person, curl up next to him, nap with the person and will stay with him through the dying process.

Buckwheat was donated to the retirement home three years ago by an ailing woman who could no longer care for him.

During his time at the retirement home, workers say that Buckwheat has been with about three dozen patients when they’ve passed without a single diagnosis.


“Buckwheat often will stay until the mortician comes,” said Jennings. “Buckwheat’s better than morphine.”

Skeptics might say Buckwheat is simply snuggling up to a warm body, but hospice workers believe there is much more to it than that.

With such deadly accuracy, you might think people of an advanced age might avoid any run-ins with Buckwheat at any cost, but that’s not the case.

Tilly Pfeffer says Buckwheat is no grim reaper, but a furry little angel.

6 Responses to “Copycat Death Cat Named Buckwheat”

  1. Lynne says:

    “…and will stay with him through the dying process.”

    That’s better than a lot of people will do.

  2. Amanda says:

    Both stories there are skeptics saying “oh its just for the warmth etc” why can’t they believe that a cat would do this as comfort??? When any of my family members are sad or feeling sick our cats come and lay with us even the ones that don’t get along put that aside for us!!

  3. Traci says:

    That’s what Madge did for me recently when I sprained my ankle/put a crack in my fibula. When I was most in pain she nuzzled my foot and then would curl up beside it.

  4. Donna says:

    My bottle raised new borns, as adults are very protective and loving. When I had the flu, they stayed all around me. A sales man attempted to come to the door, long before he was in my sight and hearing range, my “kids” started growling and raising hackles.This awoke me to some thing coming to the door ! They, did the defendsive protecting behavior.The only thing to “guard” was a very sick “mom”. Do they see, hear and sense ? Yes. Are they compassionate ? With out question. Do they know the future ? They know your innner most thoughts & emotions. They are very telepathic and give back to a person “care”, emotional support or to help one cross over. Who is to say”angels” only have two feet ? Best souls I have ever known,……… had four legs and a tail.

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