BREAKING NEWS: Corn Gluten Sent To Canada Test Positive For Two Toxins

Canada has blocked one shipment of corn gluten that contains melamine and cyanuric acid.

This is the first report of tainted corn gluten reaching North America. Corn gluten contamination was reported in South Africa and has led to pet deaths.

(Thanks mike)

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  1. e wem says:

    JJ I have been following the Immigration Bill. They are trying to sneak it in over the Holiday. No debate was allowed in the Senate. They wouldnt let the American public read the bill before it was voted on, and I understand most of the Senators hadnt read it either. That way they can pretend they didn’t know.

    The GOP and DEM parties played the game where the vote went, surprise, surprise 48 to 49. This does not mean 48 voted against it. It means both parties gave permission to a select number of Senators to vote against it. They count carefully to get just enough to pass the bill. That way Senators in districts against the bill can pretend that they too were against it when really the party gave them permission to vote NO, thus cheating the voters by fraudulently pretending to be against it.

    Whenever you see the magic count of 48 to 49 you can absolutely know the vote was rigged to fool the voters in certain districts.

    What is in the bill? Any illegal who can get two witnesses to sign a statement he was in the USA for at least one day before the cutoff date gets permanent status card that in a few years lets him go on to citizenship if he pays a small fine. He is immediately eligible for government benefits. There is a 24 hour ‘background check’. right.

    They will not have to pay any back taxes due.

    Bush who I voted for insisted on that one. I no longer would vote for him for dogcatcher. As of this bill, I am no longer a republican. The party is dead.

    If they were a gang member all they have to do is sign a statement renouncing the gang and they are in.

    Felony convictions do not prevent an illegal from qualifying for amnesty.

    After the bill takes effect anyone crossing the border illegally must be detained UNLESS they are Mexican in which case they must be released on the honor system into the USA.

    The bill effectively opens the border to all Mexicans so anyone who wants to work illegally can no longer be stopped by the border patrol.

    There will be no job left that will not be busted, since the 30 million getting amnesty already hold 3/4 of all construction jobs, while a new unlimited batch of illegals can be brought in to continue the onder the table work. Basically all of Mexico will have permission to come in unhindered if they want t work under the table.

    The globals are flaunting their power. In our face and rubbing our noses and our pets noses in it

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