Could Vick Be Aquitted Of All Dog Fighting Charges?

Vick smiling

Of course, we have no crystal ball. But so far, Michael Vick has done what any wealthy person would do to avoid going to prison for dogfighting. Predictably, he’s hired the best defense team money can buy including Billy Martin. That’s the same lawyer who managed to get a hung jury in former basketball star Jayson Williams’ first trial for manslaughter. He is considered one of the top lawyers in Washington. Vick also hired Daniel Meachum, an Atlanta lawyer who says he has won 122 of 126 major cases, plus 3 more attorneys. Which way are the scales of justice tiling now?

If you were faced with the same gruesome indictment that includes 4 separate eyewitnesses that place you at the scene of the crimes, you’d do the same. Itchmo has read the stomach-churning indictment — three times — and even if the prosecution proves a faction of the case, Vick’s life as he knows it is over.

The media is practically salivating over the idea of Vick in prison stripes. The evidence looks stacked amazingly against Vick. In fact, one of the co-defendants in the case, Tony Taylor, is expected to enter into a plea bargain with federal prosecution on Monday morning. It’s reasonable to speculate that the prosecutors will use a pawn to get to the money behind the dogfighting. The 18-page indictment clearly indicates that the money came from Vick and no one else. It’s certainly bad news for the alleged “Bad Newz Kennels” boys.

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MSNBC says the federal conviction rate is 95%. That means only 5 percent of defendants walk out of the courthouse a free man. But I’d love to see the conviction rates for multi-millionaires. Better yet, give me the conviction rate of multi-millionaires who are also celebrities. O.J. Simpson, are you reading this? Vick could use some of your help.

Vick’s even got a fellow player on the team who know exactly what’s its like to kill a little dog.

In an odd development, Vick attorney publicly relayed an apology from Vick to his mother. It read: “Above all, I’m sorry my mom has to go through this most trying time and the pain it has caused my family.”

Ah, but what the heck, it’s just dog fighting. Just ask these two goof ball NFL players.

P.S.: Vick’s defense also includes a public relations campaign. Vick’s defense team released this statement throug the wires:

RICHMOND, Va., July 26 /PRNewswire/ — Upon leaving the Lewis Powell Courthouse in Richmond, Virginia today after the arraignment of Michael Vick, attorney Billy Martin on behalf of the defense team issued the
following statement:

“Today Michael Vick entered a plea of not guilty and asserted his innocence to the charges in the indictment.

As we prepare for trial, we’d like to remind the public that these are only allegations, not facts. This case will be tried in the courts, not the media.

We are conducting our own investigation into these allegations and look forward to clearing Michael’s name and vindicating him of these charges.

Mike has asked me to read this statement on his behalf:

‘Today in court, I pleaded innocent to the allegations made against me. I take these charges very seriously and look forward to clearing my name. I respectfully ask you all to hold your judgment until all the facts are
shown. Above all, I’m sorry my mom has to go through this most trying time and the pain it has caused my family. I also want to apologize to my Falcon teammates for not being with them today at the beginning of training. There is nowhere I’d rather be today than in camp with my team.’”

Michael Vick’s legal defense team consists of Billy Martin of Washington, D.C.; Daniel Meachum of Atlanta, GA; Lawrence Woodward Jr. and Tom Shuttleworth of Virginia Beach, VA; and James D. Williams of Durham,

13 Responses to “Could Vick Be Aquitted Of All Dog Fighting Charges?”

  1. Sharon says:

    I doubt if he will spend a day in jail. Rich and famous people seldom do. Justice is for sale in this country. Just ask Scooter.

  2. Lis says:

    OJ Simpson was prosecuted in state court, not federal, and the prosecution screwed up badly. Even though OJ was obviously guilty, they did not present a case the jury could convict on.

    Scooter is a friend of a friend of the president, and he kept his mouth shut and took the fall for the friend. And almost the only virtue GWB has is that he’s loyal to his friends. Now that every corporate entity that has had an interest in Vick is backing away from him as cash register poison, who is going to be Vick’s “friend?”

    Celebrities never go to jail? Tell it to Martha Stewart. Heck, tell it to Paris Hilton.

  3. Andrea says:

    Jail is too good for him. I won’t say here what I’d like to see happen to him.

  4. Debi says:

    after all thats going on in the world today, it wouldn’t suprise anyone if another rich asshole got away with murder……. would it?

  5. Kevin says:

    With today’s justice system, it’s not whether you’re innocent or guilty, it’s who tells the best story. Vick now has a dream team on his side to twist the truth and facts. Sad!!!

    Like Sharon said, “Justice is for sale in this country.”

  6. cheryl says:

    I wonder if he realizes that he set himself up to die broke and infamous instead of rich and famous. But then some of those idiots can’t figure out the difference between famous and infamous. He may not get true and full justice but if he can’t ever make another endorsement deal and no team, that wants a clean rep, will give him a contract (or won’t pay him the kind of $ he is getting now) - that is some justice because $$$$$$ and ego are what drives people like Vick. He will now and forever be known as that ‘!@#^$ dogfighter’ instead of that ‘great quarterback’ . I heard he already has that property up for sale - he’ll need the $ for all those lawyers - because we all know - they are ones who always win in the end, regardless of verdict.

  7. HighNote says:

    This guy is getting so much media attention! I wish that our pet food recall could have got even a third as much! Why is it they drag things like this on and on and when something concerns the death of pets or even people they say very little about it?
    The only thing I care to hear about this creep is that he is behind bars.
    He is probably enjoying all this attention.

  8. Lynn says:

    Hey, Itchmo, forget about OJ offering help to Vick. Instead, I would like to see you inspire all top-notch attorneys with a passion for animals make available their services and wisdom, pro bono, to the Prosecutor in this case. We’ve seen it happen too many times: prosecution has a case “wrapped up” and some creme-de-la-creme attorney for the defense finds a loophole and gets the defendant of scott-free. We simply cannot afford to let this many off the hook.

  9. Sky Eyes Woman says:

    There are some questions that will be asked and answered by this trial.

    1- What about the video that supposedly shows Vick at a dogfight? If that really exists and is allowed into evidence he’s toast. Video doesn’t lie, and you can’t argue with it. His claim of ignorance about this whole operation will evaporate faster than Lindsey Lohan’s booze at a party in the desert.

    2- Follow the money? The finances of everyone who lived in the house will be examined. The care and keeping of 60+ dogs is not cheap. If his cousins and hangers-on that lived in the house didn’t earn enough money to foot the bills at that place it will be easy to prove who was paying the tab.

    3- Follow the money a little more…What about the duffle bag with $23,000 in it? Did his cousins make enough money at their jobs to be able to cough up over $20,000 in cash? How strong is the evidence that Vick himself delivered the money to the owner of the winning dog?

    4- How much time did he really spend away from that house? He had to have flown or driven to the place every time he went there. Credit card statements and eyewitness testimony can and will place him in the area on the dates the fights took place. Remember, he was feeling footloose and fancy-free then, not thinking about covering his tracks and keeping everything on the DL.

    5- How cooperative are those cooperating witnesses anyway? A guy who makes a lot less money than Michael Vick and with a lot more to lose by being convicted and imprisoned over this case will be a bit more willing to throw him to the wolves, I’ll warrant. We don’t yet know what kind of damning evidence there is with these witnesses.

    I’m sure there’s a lot more than what I’ve said here, but I’m tired. It’s like Cheryl says, his reputation is in tatters and he’ll pay for this one way or another. I’ve read that the black community in America is behind him and they still think he’s a great guy, but they don’t pay his bills and they don’t sign him on to lucrative contracts like Nike and Reebok and whoever else he’s worked for. Even if he doesn’t go to prison, he’s not going to be the hot item he used to be as far as the corporate fat cats are concerned.

  10. furmom says:

    I don’t think he’ll be acquitted, but with all those fancy lawyers he will probably get an obscenely light reduced sentence. I’m glad he’s getting the best, most ex$$$pen$$$ive lawyers available. I would be less concerned about a jail sentence as long as he gets a huge fine, all the profits and kickbacks he made from allowing this operation on his property. The money should go towards relieving the misery of other abused animals. Here in Canada, drug makers and dealers can have any property seized that was used in the drug dealing, that sort of thing would be appropriate for dog fighting operations. And in addition I hope the Taxman becomes intimately involved with prosecuting for taxes not paid on undeclared income. Appropriate public service would be cleaning out pet cages at animal shelters for the next dozen years. Come to think of it, I don’t know if those people could stand to see him. How about cleaning out cat sh*t from the wild cats at the zoo? while the cats are still in there.

  11. John says:

    One of his co-defendants has a hearing tomorrow to try to make a plea agreement:

    If he pleads guilty and spills the beans, or cuts a deal to keep himself out of jail and rolls over on Vick, Vick is going to prison.

  12. Lynn says:

    Remember all those “evidence procedures” that were bungled or not carried out to the letter in some of the major cases in recent years? Those “slam dunk” cases turned out to be acquittals.

    I want Vick definitely to go to jail for a long time, in addition to going bankrupt. Just to let him get off with a lighter sentence will not be sufficient in my book.

  13. Lynne says:

    “I hope the Taxman becomes intimately involved with prosecuting for taxes not paid on undeclared income”

    Good point. That’s how they got Al Capone.

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