Couple Pays $4,000 For Leg Surgery On Pet Chicken


This could be the world’s most expensive chicken leg.

When Lily the chicken needed surgery, her owners sacrificed to do whatever it took to help their pet. She had gotten her left leg stuck in a barbed wire fence.

The veterinarian told Lily’s owners, Vicky and Sam Mills, that it would be extremely costly to save her leg. But the couple told the vet to do whatever it took to save their pet chicken.

It took seven operations and a leg amputation to get Lily back to normal. The Mills have paid almost $4,000 for their pet chicken’s medical bills. They took out a bank loan, and lived a minimal lifestyle for a year to pay for Lily’s treatment.

But the Mills said it is completely worth it to see a smile on Lily’s beak.

Initially, treatment failed, and the veterinarians said that Lily’s leg would have to be amputated in order to save her life. And then, the pet chicken was diagnosed with depression after the operation.

Pet experts said Lily was sad when she was alone in the house, so the UK couple left the television on whenever they left home.

Now, after her surgery and her treatments, she is back to normal. She occasionally does fall and has to be extra careful when crossing the road, but she is back to her plucky self.

Vicky Mills said: “She’s worth every penny. I love her to bits and it would break my heart if anything happened to her.” The couple said they couldn’t bear to put their beloved chicken down. They added that Lily is a happy hen again and is fine hoping around on one leg, but when she tries to scratch herself with her missing leg, she does fall over.

This three-year-old hen sleeps on a cushion in the kitchen and has the back garden to run around in. She likes to eat whatever is cooking in the kitchen, especially spaghetti bolognese.

Vicky said she has had Lily ever since she was two-days-old and said that she is more fun than a cat or dog.

“She struts about as if she rules the roost - she really thinks she’s top of the pecking order in our household.”

Source: Daily Mail

15 Responses to “Couple Pays $4,000 For Leg Surgery On Pet Chicken”

  1. nora says:

    I can understand the Mill’s concern and love for their Lily. When I was a kid I was fortunate enough to have some chickens of various breeds for pets. They most certainly are gentle and affection seeking in their own little chicken ways. They appreciate good treatment and each have a personality of their own. Some are real clowns and some Roosters are quite protective of their turf. We had a Banty Rooster, we named him “Redi Killowatt” (the black and largest of the Banties) actually chase postmen out of the yard and a couple neighbors who entered our lot line were chased up trees. Halarious!!!! (his mate was “Hennie Pennie”) And when it is feeding time they will come a runnin!

  2. e wem says:

    I love chickens. I admit I eat them, too, but they deserve a good life before the finale.

    I lived in a gated community once where someone had abandoned a chicken in the nearby woods. The gate guard used to feed it. We would see that little hen scratching outside the guard shack and it was a great feeling to see her when we drove in.

    I asked the guard where the chicken went at night. He told us to check at susnset. The birdie would hop onto the low branch of a sapling. Then hop up higher branch by branch. She slept near the top of tree. The sapling swayed under her weight. A great little bird. Unfortunately some hard hearted member of management disappeared our pet. It wasn’t the same going home after that.

  3. Bridgett says:

    I love chickens. Several years ago, our neighbors abandoned their chickens when they moved. The chickens ended up being ours. They were so sweet! Unfortunately, a dog got all but one of them. We named the last one Rosemary. She loved to be carried and pet. She followed us around the yard, acting very interested in all we were doing. Our dog was always trying to play with her, poor thing. When she died, we buried her with the rest of our deceased pets in the backyard.

  4. Lynne says:

    “Redi Killowatt”

    I love that name.

  5. moonbeams says:

    I found a cute rooster, a smaller exotic one, with a damaged leg and I worried about its leg and eventually found a home for it in the country with a family that said a damaged leg was just okay. My rooster could still walk with a little limp.

    But I must admit that $4,000 seems a bit much for a chicken - but love is love and that’s what makes us human and maybe even a little like God - since God is love.

  6. Stefani says:

    I really think this is a very cute story. I am so happy to read it.

    I have always wanted the privelege of getting to know a chicken personally. How wonderful that she is loved so much.

    The Toonces Project
    “Is Your Pet Safe at the Vet?”

  7. Jenny Bark says:

    I would love to meet these people. Giving up so much for a year to take care of their chicken & both be so happy about it. I would trust them with my life & the lives of my loved ones. What great people. We had a duck growing up, it was so funny & tuff. It kept everything (people, dogs & cats) out of our yard except all of us. our dog & our cat. Everybody had to yell at us outside the yard to get the duck so they could visit. It lived a long time & owned the house & yard. It could fly but never would leave.

  8. Lorie says:

    Here is a story about a man in my area who has a pet wild duck named Jake

  9. mittens says:

    frankly this just makes me hungry….

    all kidding aside- your pet is your pet. some people have snakes for pets and i can hardly see getting all attached to one but if you are i am not one to question it. so if they have the money for it good for them.

    we had pet geese i was very attached to but the chickens not so much. you tend not to name things youre going to eventually be eating on the farm. it was a very clear distinction between the geese and the chickens- the geese would never be eaten no matter what happened to them. geese are pretty smart and chickens can be very crafty. bird brained is a misnomer.

  10. Lynn says:

    I wish that couple lived next door to me. We speak the same language - nothing we won’t do for our pets.

  11. Sundown says:

    I have neighbors who have Indian Runner Ducks that are exclusively pets. These ducks walk around their house, and have kiddie pools to swim in on the porch. They spend a huge amount of money on vet care for these ducks, at a specialist that is over 75 miles away from here. Perhaps not my choice of pet, but being a total animal lover, I can certainly understand their love for their ducks (and 5 cats too). So no, I don’t think these people went too far to help their beloved chicken.

  12. BC says:

    I take my pet chickens to the vet! They are pets and we don’t eat them, in fact one just died at the age of 16 years old!!!! Chickens are good pets, they are always busy keeping the ants and ticks out of the yard and give us fresh eggs every day…….what’s not to love?

  13. HighNote says:

    I agree BC chickens really do make good pets. I had a pet rooster. He got caught in our water barrel when he was a chick and I actually gave him CPR. I blew on his beak and rubbed his tummy for over an hour and he all of a sudden raised his head up and churped. I could not believe it. From then on he was my buddy. He would follow me around every where and jump up on my shoulder. Funny thing was he did not sound like a normal rooster any more. He had more of this honking sound. Which only made him more special. We also had a road island red that would take any baby and be its mom. She was really a special lady and so very tame and loving.
    I eat chicken too but I could never eat one I had. WE just ate eggs. I also raised a calf and bottle fed it and I could not eat him either. It is different when they think that you are their mom and you know them. I suppose if I really thought about it then I could be a vegetarian very easy! I don’t think I would have ever spent that kind of money for any of my chickens. Not that I would not have wanted to, but my hubby is not the animal lover that I am.

  14. Alicia says:

    Awe…. I love my girls, they are 5 weeks old and like little children. They think that I am mother hen, following me step by step. Its true the all look generally the same (reds and silky blks) but they have unique little personalities. My husband didn’t believe me when i told him that they come by name (some), until he spent the last Saturday out in the garden with me. Great story I hope I never have to make a choice between 4k and one of my girls, knocking on wood…

  15. Fairplay says:

    They should of come to me . I dont have a degree but I could of taken that chicken leg off for $100 and donated it to the poor . I used to work for Colonel Sanders while I was in High School . It’s simple if you have the right tools .

    All joking aside nothing people do suprises me. The real story is what Vet would charge someone $4000 to work on a chicken ? Heartless if you ask me just like creating laws where people cant buy their own required shots and vaccinate their own animals , deworm them and so on anymore . Pet meds shouldnt be regulated locking out access to the population and creating a artifical expense structure that actually causes suffering and or denies access to enjoying pets for the poor .

    It’s absolutely terrible we deny access for the poor to parks and beaches through user fee’s nowadays . There should always be one free day a week . But on vacinations we always gave our own and people should still be able too . Did this vet want to help animals or drive a Porshe like our normal medical Doctors ? We need to rethink health care in America . We need to pass laws that restrict the practise of vets only writing perscriptions if they fill them at their practise . People should be able to buy from the cheapest source . Special interests are ruining this country and causing inflation . Nobody with common sense should have to pay more then a few bucks to vaccinate their animals ..the cost of a disposeable 3 in one shot . Heck yes I would have no problem giving myself my flue shot each year also . Lets take back America with common sense .

    Cute story people have a infinte capacity to love .

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