Court To Decide If Iams Must Give Records Of Experiments On Animals To PETA

The Mississippi Supreme Court will decide if Iams must hand over research documents and records of their experiments on animals to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

In January 2006, PETA filed a lawsuit stating Mississippi State University violated the Mississippi Public Records Act when the organization was denied the records of testing on animals conducted for Iams since 1999.

The Public Records Act requires that records be furnished to the public either free of charge or in return for reasonable fees.

An attorney for Iams stated that the experiments are the company’s intellectual property and are not public record. But PETA said they don’t want trade secrets and they simply want to know what happened to the animals at MSU.

PETA stated that MSU wanted a fee of $40,497 for the documents they requested. After PETA reduced the number of pages they wanted, PETA said that the university told them that only 19 of the requested pages would be sent. MSU stated that the other pages contained proprietary information.

In December 2006, Chancery Judge Dorothy Colom ruled that the information in regards to the experiments conducted on animals did not qualify as trade secrets and that the documents were not exempt from release under the Public Records Act.

Iams and MSU have appealed Colom’s decision to the Mississippi Supreme Court.

Source: Clarion Ledger

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14 Responses to “Court To Decide If Iams Must Give Records Of Experiments On Animals To PETA”

  1. Lynne says:

    Good for PETA. Corporations have ENTIRELY too much power in this country and I for one am sick to death of all of the secrecy from corporations and government both. The public needs to know what they are really paying for and if PETA wants to fight to get that information out—so people can make an informed decision when they make purchases—then more power to them.

  2. catmom5 says:

    It’s time their ugly little secrets are brought to light. I’m not a fan of PETA, but in this instance I hope they persevere.

  3. Nora and Rufus says:

    The attorney will have to deal with karma and God someday. How anyone affiliated with Iams can live with themselves is beyond me. They are hiding the hideous and uneeded cruelty and torture of captive animals for so many long years. These experiments MUST stop. Millions of wasted dollars go towards them each year. Anyone who defends this type of thing and says “it is needed to save lives” is full of SHT!

  4. Tanya says:

    Unfortunately, until or unless the laws change, there is no reason and no legitimate claim underwhich PETA can have access to a PRIVATE company’s records. If they were suing them, then they can request access, but the Federal & State Public Record Act(s) exist exclusively for governmental agencies and their contractors.

  5. The Lioness says:

    Tanya, did you not read the article? They are not asking for private, corporate information!

    I do not support PetA fully, but in instances like this, I like the work they do. They are an imperfect organization, but they do some good things.

    (I do not give them money, especially not after the whole animals-in-dumpsters thing.)

    Doing good work SOME of the time is better than nothing. Every small victory for the animals IS a victory.

    ~The Lioness

  6. Anonymous says:

    tanya, shut up

  7. Marie says:

    What public universities are doing testing pet foods is disgusting to me. They are not seeking to cure serious diseases with these experiments. They are just seeking more $$$ so a corporation can make more $$$ by marketing cheap ingredients and puffery.

    I don’t have any trust in pet food manufactureres that treat dogs and cats like objects.

  8. Concha Castaneda says:

    Yeah, this reeks. Here in Ohio at Ohio State University, they are injecting cats with aides virus, then using crystal meth on them…all in the name of research ( as if they couldn’t get real aides people to volunteer for this study). I am pretty sure PETA has tried to stop them…but I am equally sure that not only have they been unsuccessful, the University has began the research again! Not a good time to be a cat in our neighborhood as they (the University) is not accountable for information as to where the cats come from. They create a market for cat theft with no accountability. May they all rot in hell!

  9. Stefani says:

    I hope they keep this fight up. Everyday, government agencies and those funded by our tax dollars try to refuse to release legal public record. I get minutes from the Maryland Veterinary Board hearings — these are minutes of PUBLIC SESSIONS — with things BLACKED OUT with a magic marker. Unbelievable.

    I hope PETA strikes a blow for all of us who want public records related to treatment of our pets.


  10. Stefani says:


  11. Mary says:

    This is an important case that will impact other universities as well, I suspect, and pave the way for some light to be shown on what goes on not only with animal testing but other things such as pesticides and drugs. More and more, universities all over the country are taking corporate dollars in arrangements like this. Like some other posters, I don’t support everything PETA does, but in this case I hope they prevail. It would seem to me that these institutions, funded publicly, should be subject to public records laws.

  12. Cheryl Wrona says:

    I too, do not support PETA money wise, but they do get results sometimes. I would think that since MSU is a public institution, probably take donations, and grant money, their records are public and since PETA is asking for research records I would think the judge will give PETA the win on this. I have read about the research IAMS does. It is gross, no other words for it. They debark dogs, live on concrete in cages, and I think they are the ones who have tubes in the sides of the animals too.

    If you think this is bad check out how your food is fertilized.

  13. Velvet's Dad says:

    Tanya, Iams is not a “private” company. It is owned by Procter & Gamble, a publicly-traded company.

  14. stefani says:

    OMG. That stuff about Lancaster produce is horrifying! What an eye opener!

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