Creative Ways To Use Your Cat Litter

Cat Litter

Cat litter. It’s not just for cats anymore. This pet item can be used for many other things around the house, in your car, or even on your face.

  • Need a spa treatment? Make your own clay mask with an all-natural, 100-percent clay cat litter that is scent-free. Mix three tablespoons of cat litter with about three tablespoons of water, then mix with a mortar and pestle. Soon, we’ll start seeing these at trendy spas — cat litter facials.
  • Mechanics say that cat litter can be used to clean up oil in the garage. A 10-pound sack of litter will absorb more than a gallon of liquid, including paint and gasoline.
  • No need for baking soda anymore. Use clean cat litter in a small container in your refrigerator to remove unwanted odors.
  • Keep a big bag of cat litter in the back of your car to add weight and for added traction if you get stuck in snow, mud or other elements. You can even sprinkle some on ice to avoid slipping.
  • So, buy an extra bag of cat litter and see how else it can help you in your daily life. Your cat might just get a little jealous when he sees how much fun you are having with it.


    4 Responses to “Creative Ways To Use Your Cat Litter”

    1. Katie says:

      A few more uses:

      We used cat litter on a basement floor when we updated an oil burner to absorb any spills - worked great!

      Cat litter was great for absorbing moisture in basements. We used to put a cup of it in several plastic containers around the basement and it also absorbed odors.

      Great for spills of all kinds.

      Traction on ice in front of garage doors.

      I’m not sure I would use it on my face though…..


    2. Sky Eyes Woman says:

      What if you use chicken feed for cat litter? X-D

    3. k8e says:

      The properties of clumping/scoopable (bentonite) vs old-fashioned clay litter are very different. I think they mean the scoopable kind to make the facial treatment (which turns into a sort of mud when wet) and the old fashioned kind for oil spills and carrying in your trunk for creating traction when stuck in the mud. You would really not want the properties of the clumping kind for the second two uses.

    4. Andrea D says:

      I’m pretty sure that Linsey intended for the clay cat litter to be used for the face mask. Clay face mask, you know?

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