Curious Cat Survives 18 Days In A Container On The High Seas


Spice’s curiosity almost took one of her nine lives.

Spice’s owner was moving from Hawaii to California and was filling a huge shipping container with household goods. This 3-year-old calico cat ventured into the container while she was packing. Before Spice could get out of the container, it was sealed up and was headed towards California on the high seas.

Spice’s owner was worried that she couldn’t find her cat. She needed to catch her flight, so she told her neighbors to keep an eye out for Spice. She was planning to leave Spice with friends anyways, so she thought the cat would eventually find her way back.

Meanwhile, Spice spent 18 days in the dark container without food or water as she floated on the Pacific towards California.

Earlier this week, Spice’s owner received the container and opened it up to see cat hair on the floor. She started removing items and then saw Spice poking her head out from one of the bicycles. Her owner screamed with excitement.

From San Bernardino County Sun:

She gently took the cat out and rushed Spice to the vet. Her prognosis was good and the vet said: “That’s a Calico for you. They have a survival instinct.”

Her kidneys shrunk from going so long without water and her bowels were backed up, but she was able to get some food and water down at the vet’s office.

The vet told Spice’s owner to feed her soup with chicken broth and chicken bone marrow to restore her to health.

No more adventures on the high seas for you, Spice.

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  1. Lorie says:

    That is an awesome story

  2. dog collar addict says:

    what a great story!! i’m always amazed when i hear these cat survival stories!!

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