Cyanuric Acid Commonly Added to Animal Feed

The IHT is reporting that the second chemical believed to have reacted with melamine to cause pet deaths is commonly used in animal feed in China. (Emphasis ours)

Three Chinese chemical makers said that animal feed producers often purchase, or seek to purchase, the chemical, cyanuric acid, from their factories to blend into animal feed.

The chemical producers said it was common knowledge that for years cyanuric acid had been used in animal and fish feed.

The disclosure is noteworthy not just because it is another indication that Chinese animal feed producers were intentionally doctoring the ingredients they sold, but because the practice of using cyanuric acid may provide clues as to why the pet food in the United States became so poisonous.

21 Responses to “Cyanuric Acid Commonly Added to Animal Feed”

  1. Steve says:

    Back up this story. Before it vanishes.

  2. Monika says:


    Please check your email.

  3. TEALCSMOMMY says:

    Please read……….

  4. TEALCSMOMMY says:

    Sorry……….correction. Please read.

  5. pat says:

    ok, so we know that melamine and cyanuric acid react badly together. the fda-usda decision to release melamine tainted livestock into the food supply basically sets a policy by which usda gets to ignore its own rules. melamine is now for all intents and purposes an allowable substance in animal feed. if cyanuric acid is already present, how long before this lethal combo kills again? also, now that melamine has received tacit approval as an additive, what prevents makers of other foodstuffs from blatantly instituting the practice of protein spiking in everything from crackers to baby food?

  6. Ann H says:

    Yup, Melamine molatov cocktail right here… courtesy of EPA, FDA.

    The EPA changed melamine reqs. in the 90’s.

    We’ve had “minimal” amounts of all in our foods for a very long time.

    They’ve approved so many toxins already, what’s one more?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Pat says: “what prevents makers of other foodstuffs from blatantly instituting the practice of protein spiking in everything ”

    exactly nothing unless living beings DIE from it in NOTICEABLE numbers.

  8. Ann H says:

    Pat, basically it’s been happening for a very long time. Nothing prevents it. Yes, Here in the US. China screwed up.

    OUR Dairy industry had to change how it paid farmers for milk in 2000, I believe because of the crude protein (hey It measures like it’s good for you) was running up what was paid for milk. So, they went to paying for natural protein.. ya know the stuff that is healthy.

    The only way this stuff is going to change for our pets is a National Pet Owners Association-non profit and active. Not another humane society. One to look out for their food, the vaccines, that kind of stuff.

    That’s the only way anything really gets done unless you find a strongly supported issue and agency.

  9. Barry says:

    I’m getting tired of all these other shoes dropping full of smoking guns with NO ACTION by the FDA and USDA.

    Key excerpts from the article:

    > Often, the animal feed producers say, they do not buy pure melamine, which is used to make plastics and fertilizer, but purchase impure melamine scrap from chemical factories. It is much cheaper than pure melamine.

    There’s no doubt that profit is the motive here, is there?

    > The buyers say they believe it to be legal and non-toxic, though they admit they are cheating buyers.

    Everybody does it, it must be OK! Scientists looking at the pet food deaths, however, say melamine scrap may have impurities and related compounds, like cyanuric acid, which could make it more toxic.

    We’re not just feeding our pets (and eating?) cheap plastic instead of food, we’re feeding/eating contaminated cheap plastic *scrap*. Look around your office. See any building materials you want to eat?

    > Chinese chemical makers say that they also produce a chemical which is a combination of melamine and cyanuric acid, and that feed producers have often sought to purchase scrap material from this product.

    Good grief. I’m totally boggled by the concept. They make a product that is a COMBINATION of these two chemicals?

    It’s all an “open secret” in the Chinese pet food industry, yet our FDA doesn’t know squat about it? What else don’t they know? What do they know that they’re not telling us?

    > Melamine scrap or cyanuric acid scrap can often cost one quarter of the price of pure melamine and cyanuric acid, and is much cheaper per protein count than wheat or corn meal. Cyanuric acid scrap is often even cheaper than melamine scrap, producers here say, which is one reason it may have been added in with melamine.

    Mmmm…acid scrap.

    Toxic industrial waste, it’s what’s for dinner.

  10. Anonymous says:

    correction what’s to prevent them? already doing it. Check out your Nature Valley Granola bars; something called “crispy rice” ….which is made w a protein concentrate. That melamine DOES make things crispy now.

  11. Ann H says:

    Seriously, what do you think would happen to the pet food industry if we cooked our pets their meals for them?


  12. Debbie4747 says:

    Now that I know some of the stuff that is in our own foods, I don’t know what possessed me to give up smoking!

    Even if…IF….there is no long term problems with humans eating some of this crap, we do know for certain our pets can’t handle it. I don’t see them mentioning them anywhere in their approvals. So I guess it will turn up in even more pet foods now that they’ve got the green light?????

  13. pat says:

    i do realize that companies will do anything, including killing people, to increase profits. what i didn’t realize until recently is that these government agencies are set up to facilitate the practice. was i hallucinating when i read that melamine was not allowable in food? wasn’t that the reason that usda held these tainted animals to begin with? now, there’s some obscure reference to an epa reg… and i’m a little confused about why an epa reg has anything to do with what usda regs are… that makes it suddenly ok? it just says to me that they intended to allow this all along, and were just looking for a plausible excuse. food processors must be grinning like cheshire cats today, cuz fda-usda has basically said, don’t worry about all the dead pets, put poisons in everything if you want to! they aren’t in the least interested in stopping the practice. if they were, they’d immediately change the protocols used for evaluating protein so that testing didn’t rely on nitrogen content. that simple change could make it all go away. instead, we’re going to have voodoo risk assessment… and how much do you want to bet that none of the “assessors” has an adavnced degree in mathematics, which would be necessary to accurately determine the differentials in these” assumptions in the absence of data”? i’ve been around lots of “scientists”, and with the exception of physicists, they were appalling mathematicians to a man. i guess that’s why they want new computers, which will make it possible for them to make even bigger mistakes faster than ever before. i used to think that survivalists were full of crapola, but i’m beginning to see their point.

  14. Ann H says:

    If you search in US Patents for melamine, ammelide, cynauric acid etc you’ll find it back oh, about 1975, 1983.

    Also, if you look in the forum at Making a Difference, that’s why I have that opening statement
    in my letter and the reference to the approval of cynauric acid in our animal WATER & FEED. Not just feed, WATER too.

    It irks me with them forgetting how heavily the Cattle industry and feed industry in the United States uses NPN. Non Protein Nitrogen. Melamine. Cyanuric Acid. Urea.

    Transparency is not in our goverment’s vocabulary.

  15. LorieVA says:


    Just read your comment about quitting smoking, I have said for the last few weeks HE** I might as well start smoking again at least it says it my kill me right on the package.

  16. Debbie4747 says:

    Actually I can’t start smoking again because the taxed in Jersey are so high now, I’d have to steal them, LOL! But just think, with the government having it’s way, our arsenic laced mela chickens will no longer have Trans Fat at KFC. I feel so much healthier already!
    I’d still like to see where the FD freakin A did real studies over numbers of years on the effects on humans with the melamine, arsenic, cyanuric whatever inflicted foods. Once they say they’ve traced a huge number of people for 30 years or something will I buy it’s okay for us to eat.
    We already know our pets can’t. They’re not saying much on that topic right now are they? Just gotta get those 20 million birds on the market ASAP.
    Yet the White House fed the queen lamb and “American” caviar…not crap from China…American..good ol US of A stuff. And I’ll bet the lamb was from someplace like Australia or New Zealand.

  17. My Dog's Mom says:

    Does anyone know of any good websites for autism and/or autism related syndromes that are tracking this? I would like to know how they are assessing this in light of the astronomical and exponential rates of autism in this country.

    Thanks in advance.

  18. sandi says:

    Ok, now, on the news the government wants to import from China cooked chickens???


  19. sandi says:

    Autism, boy, does this not this in with the high incidences of Autism, with the beginning of imported foods ???

  20. sandi says:

    Oh, boy, oh, boy, I also suspect a link with the increase of alzeheimer’s and autism.


  21. e wem says:

    The FDA is certainly cheesy. The Wikpedia article linked above states that Archer Daniels Midland makes a cattle supplement containing cyanuric acid. The FDA databases would bring that compound up immediately in a search since it had to be approved by the FDA originally

    Spin can buzz right past you

    Let’s see. Put melamine into grain ‘product’ from China. Feed grain product to feedlot cattle who are also getting cyanuric acid in their approved Archer Daniels Midland grain supplement. Hmmm.

    The spin begins. Melamine isn’t all that bad. Cyanuric acid is a common feed supplement.

    Cats. Their urine is tricky. Whoda guessed? Cows love the stuff.

    Why haven’t we heard about the studies with dog urine? What happens when melamine and cyanuric acid are mixed in dog urine. They are implying it is a cat problem. Cats are desert animals. They have special kidney functions. Blah. Blah. Are dogs desert animals too? I thought they were related to wolves.

    Now that they have blamed cats for not being able to handle common cattle feed supplements we have to ignore the dogs.

    What were the dogs doing wrong? There must be some problem with dogs too. If the FDA looks enough they will find a genetic flaw in some dogs that prevents them from handling melamine.

    The real problem is not spaying dogs thus allowing dogs with bad kidneys to reproduce. That must be it. Heartless pet owners once again try to put the blame on the food industry.

    Now pet owners are killing their pets by experimenting with home food. Like home schooling, it is anti social and ignorant.

    Why didn’t Archer Daniels Midland tell us that cyanuric acid is safe? They have been selling it for cattle. They could have stopped the panic.

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