Death Toll Exceeds 700 (UPDATE: Now 845)

PetConnection’s new self-reported database tally is up. Way up.

UPDATE at Noon:

  • Total reports of sick or dead pets: 1715
  • Deceased pets: 845
    • Cats, deceased: 500
    • Dogs, deceased: 345

As of 6am

  • Total reports of sick or dead pets: 1529
  • Deceased pets: 769
    • Cats, deceased: 460
    • Dogs, deceased: 309

2 Responses to “Death Toll Exceeds 700 (UPDATE: Now 845)”

  1. Debra Savittieri says:

    y dog Sugar Bear is gravely ill with sudden renal/kidney failure due to the recalled can IAMS product I fed her. Please pray as she is in the hospital. anyone with info ploease call me. (602) 570-9007
    FDA sais they cant do anything unless the dog/cat has consumed these products a week before DEATH> sick animals cant help> Ironic that when an animal has kidney failure they cant eat up to weeks before DEATH so FDA cant help us……. 4 vets and 2 animal hosptials did not even tell me about this recall and sent me home with a very sick dog on Saturday.!
    Debra Savittieri

  2. Debra Savittieri says:

    i have no website but do have email

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