Diet Pill For Your Dog

Dog WeighingFor people that want to lose weight, they will try exercising, changing their diet or popping a pill. Now dogs can join in on the trend of taking diet pills. Next month, Slentrol, a diet pill for dogs, will be on the market. The drug suppresses the appetite and limits fat absorption. Although the cost of the drug will be about $2 a day, millions of owners are willing to try the diet drug for their chubby furry friend. About 33% of the 74 million dogs in the US are overweight. I guess good old-fashioned exercise and a healthy diet doesn’t work anymore.

3 Responses to “Diet Pill For Your Dog”

  1. TerryR says:

    This is just another part of the ongoing crap produced by the pet food industry/and our “trusted vet community”. If they did not put so much CARB products in food and use all crap fillers there would not be a FAT pet in the world. Who ever would subject their poor pet to this PILL is certainly not doing them any favors. PLEASE just use better meat based foods and stop this cycle of BIG MONEY for the industry. It is clear they are bed partners.

  2. Deb says:

    Does anyone get the big picture here? Carbs, fillers, no real meat?? “fat pills” in humans don’t work and there are many side effects, some fatal. BETTER FOOD BETTER DIET MORE MEAT LESS CARBS Getting it yet?

    I for one will not give the assholes in the petfood industry one more dime for their carb laden junk food with poision.

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