Do You Have A Green Thumb?

Pets and PlantsSpringtime brings out the green thumb in people and if you are one of those people (Don’t try this if you manage to kill fake plants), here are some pet safety tips when you are gardening:

1. A good tip is to not plant anything that is toxic to animals. Some landscape plants that are toxic are: yew, foxglove, wild black cherry, azalea, rhododendron, hydrangea, daphne, nandina, oleander, English ivy, daffodil, tulip, lily of the valley, hyacinth, rhubarb and castor bean. Some household plants that are toxic are: dracaena, dieffenbachia, golden pothos, philodendron and peace lily.
Here is more information on plants that are toxic to animals.
2. The ingredients in insecticides and herbicides can be toxic — so try and find pet-friendly chemicals (these are usually seaweed or corn based). Also beware when using coffee grounds as fertilizer since they can be harmful to pets.

Happy Gardening!

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