Dog Adopts Bengal Tiger Cubs

Dog and Bengal tiger cubsIn Tunisia, two Bengal tiger cubs have been adopted by a nursing dog because their mother couldn’t feed all of the three cubs that she had given birth to. Wildlife officials took two of the cubs to a nursing dog, and the dog has adopted them as if they were her own and she is bathing and nursing them. The mother tiger has been nursing one of the cubs, and the other two cubs will be returned to her when they are a few months old.

3 Responses to “Dog Adopts Bengal Tiger Cubs”

  1. Pit Bull Lover says:

    Aw, that doggie appears to be a pit bull. Good girl!

  2. Roni says:

    I want to say that this is so cute… But I wonder, if cows have cows and feed their young, and people have people and feed THEIR young, and we have allergies to other milk than what is made for us, how are these cubs tolerating a canine’s milk? Just curious… I always want to know things like this… So, if someone could give me an answer, that would be great! I love this picture! My email is … Please send me a response… Thank You….Roni

  3. Roberts American Pit Bull Site says:

    Lots of animals can drink milk from goats and cows. I don’t think there is any problems here. Although lactose intolerance is another story…

    Thank you for the blog.


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